NiMh 5000 9 Cell 10.8V Flat Hump Pack

NiMh 5000 9 Cell 10.8V Flat Hump Pack

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This 9 cell pack is built with our 5000mah cells. This new pack is designed to fit perfectly in the stock Traxxas Stampede VXL, Bandit VXL, and Rustler VXL. This pack will give you higher voltage than any other off the shelf  NiMH on the market. More voltage equals more power and higher top speed for those high speed VXL enthusiasts.

5000mah - 10.8V battery pack

141mm x 51mm x 26mm(44mm Hump), 675 grams

Note: Don't charge this pack higher than 12.6 volts or your speed control will likely give you an error for over-voltage.

Note:  We now build this battery pack with thick heavy-duty Nickel tabs instead of battery bars for lower resistance.

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Literally Flys!!

- March 20th 2017

Put new battery in Traxxas Rustler, no expansion needed. Went so fast my 6 year old dared me to jump it, got around 12 feet up from a skate board ramp and had some awesome air time. Obviously have to send battery back for repair along with fix my Rustler ...


- June 19th 2012

i love this battery its more than twice as fast as my 8.4v venom battery. its well worth the money. check me out on youtube with this battery! it hauls! account name is rustlervxl09.

Daniel Riese

- April 21st 2010

This battery makes the Traxxas 4x4 VXL fly on the ground. (Need to Purchase the Battery Expansion Tray) If you are looking for more of an economical way of going fast than look no further than the 9 Cell NI-MH. If you do look further and are ready for the...

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