MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack - Allow 2 weeks
MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack - Allow 2 weeks #1MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack - Allow 2 weeks #2

MV5450 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack - Allow 2 weeks

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MaxAmps is proud to announce this BRAND NEW technology for the sophisticated rc enthusiast.  Get any voltage you want, all in one pack.

This product comes standard with one single cell module, one main lead, one charge lead, two "T" style parallel charging connectors, and two velcro straps. One series connector and two parallel charging connectors will be added for each additional cell purchased. Choose additional cells and main lead plug from the drop-down menus.

Note: 6-cell kit is pictured for reference.

Each cell is its own individual module for easy and  fast assembly and disassembly of your packs.

  • With our Multi-Voltage(MV) packs, you can adjust your voltage depending on your application.
  • Perfect balancing on every cycle, better than any balance charger, with the new parallel charging system available only with these new MV packs.
  • You do not need a balance charger for the MV packs because you are parallel charging as a single 1S pack on every cycle using the included parallel charging connectors.
  • With our Multi-Voltage packs, if one cell fails, you simply replace it with another single cell module and you are racing again.
  • Each single cell unit has a hard plastic case built in under the shrink wrap for added durability.
  • You get the highest performance using parallel charging for perfectly balanced cells on every cycle.
  • Add as many cells as you want in series for running in your vehicle or in parallel to charge the single cell units.

Product Specs:

  • 1-cell 3.7 volts per single cell module
  • True 120C rating
  • 5450mah capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5C fast charge capable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built today with factory fresh cells
  • Built with 12awg Deans Ultra wire
  • 140mm x 45mm x 11mm, 131g (each cell)


Click here to view MV5450 Instructional Video

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John Janson

- August 04th 2012

I'm very pleased with your 5250 multi-voltage packs. It gives me the option to go 4s or 6s in my HPI Flux and 6s in my Spartan boat. Charging the packs with the Hyperion EOSO720iNet3 charger couldn't be easier. Customer service is top notch, after screwin...


- January 27th 2011

To bad the star rating doesn't goo to 10 because this company has earned me as a long-term customer. Maxamps has the best customer service i have ever had to deal with, when it comes to buying RC components online. Not only do they offer great deals and t...

Tom B

- November 05th 2010

The battery works exactly how you said it would with no problems whatsoever (which i have not been having too much luck with after sending back multiple batteries to Venom for bad cells) The discharge is amazing what a difference i felt in a 2 cell config...


- October 20th 2010

This is my first "Max Amps" battery, and i tell ya i will be replacing (eventually) all my batteries with them. I have two other brands that i use (blue lipo, turnigy) and I definitely get more punch from these, and longer run times (about 20% longer)I ch...


- September 12th 2010

Overall, I am extremely impressed with punch and run time of this batteries. I am running a 2S configuration in a Duratrax DX450 1/5th scale dirtbike and it will rip wheelies all the way down to 3.0V with almost no heat. Run times are about 30 minutes w...

J. Frank

- September 04th 2010

Awesome packs. Got the 6 cell kit and run it mostly in 2S configuration but the power and punch is amazing. There is a HUGE difference between these and the cheaper packs. Awesome product backed by a great bunch of people make this a must have!

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