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 MV2250 Multi-Voltage LiPo Battery Pack - Allow 2 weeks 
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These are great batteries

- November 04th 2015

Having the flexibility to configure battery packs is a big deal to me in my airplane hobby. With these batteries I can power planes from a small park flyer and up. Having the ability to change from a 2250 to a 4500 current capacity while being able to change input voltages saves on the number of batteries that are needed and makes recharging a breeze. Also the 100c rating helps because the batteries come down cooler in my application. I haven't charged them at 5c, because I like the batteries and don't want to push them. I have charged at 2c at the field with no problems though.

These are great

- November 03rd 2015

j. pool

- March 09th 2014

These cells are great. In the 3 years of owning them ive only had one go bad and puff on me. My only complaint is the weak link (pun intended). Ive gone through all but two of mine. Over all I am very pleased with the performance and versatility of the mv kit.

Art Peck

- August 24th 2012

Hard to choose a starting point on how amazing these batteries are. I ordered 6 1S packs so I could run 3 2S configurations along with a deans female plug. The instructions and video couldn't make it any easier on how to assemble and charge them and in no time I had them all set up. For the price and the quality you just can't beat it. My order was processed quickly and I am very pleased. I highly recommend these batteries if you want great power and run cycles with a small footprint.

Noah White

- January 03rd 2011

Need to start off by saying the "Customer Service" offered at this company is the best I've seen in a long time. The communication between the customer and the seller is top notch. I recently purchase the 6-cell MV5250 Pack, i received exactly what i ordered in a fair amount of time due to the holidays. I wrote an email to the company asking about an additional item that i was more then willing to pay for, instead i received a email from "Clint" explaining that the item i was inquiring about had been shipped to me free of charge...Now that is customer service. I'm not a long time customer, I'm a new customer...that type of commitment to new customers, is just not seen anymore.
Bottom line...This company offers excellent products for an excellent price, plus you receive excellent "Customer Service" free of charge...

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

john Santillo

- November 21st 2010

I am very pleased with the multi-pack system. I fly only electric and now I can taylor these packs for different planes.

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