MaxAmps upgrade kit for Traxxas® XO-1® Supercar

MaxAmps upgrade kit for Traxxas® XO-1® Supercar

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Your Traxxas XO-1 Supercar deserves the best in performance accessories. This complete kit includes everything you need!

We have taken all the guess work out of getting extreme perfomance. This kit includes the best charger on the market, giving you the ability to balance charge your stock packs in as little as 15 minutes. Most chargers on the market are limited to 50 watts and would require a charge time of 90 minutes.

We also include the most powerful RC power supply available, the 12v 750W MaxAmps Power Supply. High quality chargers require high quality power sources for maximum performance. Optional 24v 1500W MaxAmps Power Supply delivers the fastest charge times possible.

Also included is an authentic "Lipo Sack". These are made in the USA and are the highest quality storage and charging bag available.

*For the ulitmate punch and highest top speeds, your X0-1 requires LiPo batteries. Year after year, batteries are ranked number one in the industry by multiple magazines and industry organizations. They offer the best performance and reliability for your new X0-1 Supercar. These packs are assembled here in the USA and are built to order using factory fresh cells. They are rated at 120c to 150c vs the stock 25c packs. packs are also waterproof and come with a lifetime warranty. With this kit, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the highest quality packs at a reduced price using the drop down menu below.

Kit includes:

Hyperion EOS0720i Super DUO3 DC Balance Charger

  • Most versatile charger on the market today!
  • Ultimate charger for those who want to save time by charging two packs at once.
  • Charge 1-7 Lipo, 1-7 LiFePO4/A123, 1-16 NIMH-NICD, 1-12 Lead Acid cells per port
  • Up to 20 amp charge rate per port
  • 1000W max charge output(500W per port)
  • 10.5-29V DC only (needs a separate power supply)
  • Comes with built-in Dataport and supplied USB cable
  • Comes with two Integrated LBA Balancers
  • Includes two Hyperion and Align/JST-XH 2S-7S Multi-Adapters
  • 1-year guarantee

This charger is incredibly versatile and has 9 available modes!

  • Charge only mode(SOLO or SYNC)
  • Balance Charge mode(SOLO or SYNC)
  • Balance only mode (SOLO or SYNC)
  • Cycle mode
  • Discharge mode(40W per port w/ 5A max current)
  • Lipo & LiFePO4/A123 Storage mode(Allows fast and simple discharge to 60-70% capacity for proper storage voltage which equals longer battery life)

This charger is capable of balance charging two Lipo packs at once with no additional accessories to purchase. In this case, you can charge 2 separate but similar Lipo or LiFePO4/A123 packs as a single unit in "SYNC" mode to make packs up to 14S at 1000W max charge power or you can charge two completely different packs in "SOLO" mode on each port at the same time.

This charger is carefully designed with many built-in safety features such as reverse polarity protection, input voltage error warning, and cell count mismatch warnings for lithium chemistry batteries.

Power Supply Load Control

Terminal Capacity Selection (TCS) and Terminal Voltage Control (TVC)

Temperature Sensor Port

20 User-definable Memory Positions per port(40 total)

12v 750W MaxAmps Power Supply

  • 100v-240v AC Input Voltage
  • 12v DC Output Voltage
  • 62.5 amp Continuous Output Current
  • 750W Output
  • Pre-installed 4mm Gold Female Bullet connectors on output
  • 9" x 3.5" x 1.5" dimensions
  • 2 lbs 6oz
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Heavy duty metal cabinet around entire power supply
  • 1-year guarantee

Fire resistant Lipo Sack 9" X 12"

Use this fire resistant product while charging, storing or transporting a lipo battery pack. The use of a Lipo Sack does not guarantee protection of surrounding surfaces. It is simply intended to mitigate the effects of a battery failure during charging or after a crash. MaxAmps takes no responsibility for effectiveness of the Lipo Sack. Never charge unattended. Always keep your lipo packs in a fireproof container in addition to the Lipo Sack.


Avoid damage to the Lipo Sack. Replace if it becomes ripped, worn or is involved in a battery failure.

If your Lipo Sack is involved in a failure resulting in a venting of the battery and fire return it to us with a statement of the circumstances and receive a replacement Lipo Sack free of charge!

Links to product upgrade options: 24V 62.5A 1500W Power Supply

Lipo Sack Plus 13" x 18"

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