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Reviews for the product - MaxAmps LiPo 6000XL 3S 11.1v Pair for E-Revo®

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 MaxAmps LiPo 6000XL 3S 11.1v Pair for E-Revo® 
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I'm glad i found out about them.

- July 28th 2020

I did receive my 6000mah 3S XL and it's working great! taking great care of my batteries.

Thanks MaxAmps, best batteries and you guys are awesome! I'm glad i found out about them.

Best of the best in support

- February 04th 2020

Recently I ordered a couple of batteries with the wrong connectors, mistakenly. The guys I spoke with were great. They gave me all the information I needed to send them in to replace the connectors and I got the packs back way sooner than I expected. Great customer service and product.

Forever customer

- June 19th 2019

I received my order very quickly and with ease, the batteries are fantastic and work great in all the cars I have used them in so far. I will definitely use your products in the future again.


- April 25th 2019

Everything worked out perfectly. No complaints whatsoever! You guys did a awesome job.

Happy And Excited

- April 18th 2019

I Am Very Happy And Excited With Your Item I Received From You And The Item Is Very Countable And Enjoyable. Thank You For Your Pleasant Time And Valuable Items.

Unbelievable Service

- January 24th 2019

You guys Rock!!! The representative that assisted me has been the nicest human being that I’ve talk to in the last year, maybe as far as calling in to a company and getting top notch customer service; which is my background, along with other skills I posses. I believe his name was Matt. I was going to send him a thank you card but since you’ve sent this email letting me know how serious you are about running your company. Tell him I thank him and all of his detailed instructions. I’m getting maximum perform from my MAX Amps Lipo batteries. He’s Awesome and Rocked am Rolled throughout the call. One last thing I haven’t responded to a feedback survey in 3 years.

Exactly what I was hoping for

- January 15th 2019

I have been into RC since I was a little kid and I am now 40. I am just a big kid now. These batteries are hands down the best. I have had many different brands in the past but nothing beats MaxAmps batteries. They are expensive but well worth every penny. Keep up the great quality and battery selection.


- December 12th 2018

Yo MaxAmps Batteries change the who game of me running my revo and just by me switching to this battery I done forgot about all other upgrades for my revo because the way it runs i truly don't need no upgrades so please try this before you do anything to your rc truck or car and you will be satisfied you switch to MaxAmps


- July 17th 2018

Loved the battery, Love its low weight and high performance

love these batteries

- January 11th 2017

I have a set of these I use in my fazon and they are amazing. tons of power lots of punch. good run times and top quality. absolutely awesome batteries.

To whom it may concern

- December 01st 2016

I have used several lipo batteries with mixed results. But the Maxamps batteries are incredible. I also really like the slim body on the batteries. And the fact that you build the batteries per order is awesome. No mixed results with your products. And of course I would buy your batteries again. And again

Solid product and exelent service

- July 10th 2016

Finally got my batteries after over a week. NOT Max Amps fault. The USPS took a long slow trip up their own colon with them. that being said, Yes they are worth the cash. I let a friend try these things in his revo AFTER i'd run them in my nero for about a half hour and they promptly shredded a rear tire! they WILL make the nero wheelie with all diffs unlocked.


- March 22nd 2016

Best batteries you can buy!

Quality can make a difference.

- March 02nd 2016

These batteries provide all the power and run time I can utilize,

Yeti XL 3s 6000mah greatness.

- December 28th 2015

These batteries are in my Yeti XL with a Mamba monster X and a TP power 1570v motor geared 64/18 and WOW. I had another brand's batteries for a year and one died. I swapped in the higher quality Maxamp batteries and there was an instant boost in power through out the entire power curve. And they last way over a 1/2 hour. My transmitter has a 30 minute count down timer and it expired and I still kept going. I shut it down before LVC cut in and the batteries were al at 3.6v-3.7v. Very nice batteries. Thanks! A+++

Awesome power

- November 04th 2015

I didn't change the gear ratio (spur-65, pinion-18) and the torque was so great that it literally twisted the rear drive shafts (tearing one completely off). I recommend these batteries to any E-Revo owner looking for power or speed.


- November 02nd 2015

Customer service when you call is 5-Star * * * * * I was treated very well, and all questions were answered in a way that I could understand. The people at MaxAmps, really know their products, and know what battery to use for every application.Also the biggest battery to use for speed and long run time for your application.


- September 16th 2015

These batteries are BAD TO THE BONE!!!
Ran them in my Proline MT 1/10 so much power. And in my Veterra Halix same thing CRAZY


- August 25th 2015

The MaxAmps 6000XL LiPo's are GREAT! The acceleration they give my XO-1 is almost too much! I need a lot more practice before I feel comfortable running this thing at 100%. Also, I get tired making runs way before these packs are anywhere near needing a charge!

blown away

- August 12th 2015

this battery is awesome/ tons of power ,I currently building a rc so I can join the 70mhp club

6000xl 11.1 lipo MaxAmps

- August 04th 2015

This is my take on MaxAmps batteries .They out perform , outlast, and have a great warranty,yes expensive but when you use these your batteries will not be an excuse. Get a charger that can fill them.

Superb LiPo's

- May 28th 2015

These batteries are unbelievable! I had been using a set of SPC 2S packs and the increase in power is astounding!! Plus, they last so long that I'm ready to take a break way before they are anywhere near needing a charge!

dwlynch 4/30/15

- April 30th 2015

I purchased a pair of 11.1v 6000XL for
my modified E-Revo, ungodly fast. On
first run I lost a tire. Became tired of fixing broken parts, I thrash the car as hard as I can. I am going to
order a pair of 5450 next to tame the car down a little bit. Max-Amp is great & worth every penny.


- March 18th 2015

Phenomenal customer service. Battery quality is second to none. Will never buy a battery for my R/C cars from any other manufacturer!!

- February 19th 2015

Quite simply top notch batteries with unrivaled performance...very satisfied..worth every penny!!

David in NH

- February 17th 2015

To be straight to the point...I was just like you the first time I visited the site, wondering why the higher prices for these "MaxAmps" brand lipos. When was that? About 5 orders ago!! This company is top-shelf and so are the lipos. In today's world, you get what you pay for...I'll keep paying for these, again and again and again......."Ferocious" would be a good way to describe how they perform.

- February 12th 2015

More power then should be allowed~! The Yeti XL with these packs runs well over 50 mph! insane speed, power and huge run time what more could you ask.

Big Tim

- March 04th 2014

My E-Revo is stupid fast,blew a tire on the second day of running. I already have friends getting nitro engine swaps after "ONE RACE"!!! On stock gears and tires!!! I hope they don't mind me getting a little faster after my swaps. It will be a blast. Thank you Maxamps Great product!!!


- June 01st 2013

Purchased a pair of 6500 7.4v 2s lipos for my brushless e revo. The run time and power these have is absolutely amazing. I ususally end up packin up before the batteries run out of juice.I'll tell anyone who'll listen MaxAmps is the best choice you can make for a super quality lifetime guarantee battery. The MaxAmps team is also very courteous and always return my e mails. I even got a thank you note in the regular mail. Keep up the good work guys thanks

Greg Myer (gmyer71)

- May 20th 2013

I was looking for a better battery then the stock one for my E REVO 5608 BRUSHLESS. I heard of MaxAmps and read reviews etc, with my yrs of RC being all nitro I was so lost I called and spoke to Josh. He took the time to explain the C ratings and discharge rates. He was more than helpful, still unsure he mentioned the money back guarantee. Hmmm OK I'll try it. Long story short these bats kick A&%. No one can catch my revo. Lol. Power to spare and run time all most exactly as he said however it was a bit to much for the track. I've had these about 6 months now with no issues. They balance and discharge perfectly so I'm going to get a pair of the 9000xl 7.4 packs to use at the track. Point is I've used other packs some friends have but nothing I've tried yet will touch MaxAmps and its the only packs I see me buying! Great work guys and thank you Josh for the info. I tell everyone what I'm running when they see my revo screaming past lol love it

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