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Reviews for the product - MaxAmps LiPo 5450 11.1V RTR Kit for Rustler®

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 MaxAmps LiPo 5450 11.1V RTR Kit for Rustler® 
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Greatest battery ever

- September 12th 2020

These are life time batteries, if anything happens they replace them. But you can’t abuse or over charge or let the charge they charge get too low.Great drag racing batteries

...amazed at the performance of my Bomber.

- July 28th 2020

I don’t usually respond to surveys, especially large corporations. That being said you’re not a large corporation and small companies are the backbone of America.
So here we go. I found your product on the internet I was intrigued and began to learn about your product studying u-tube videos and any other information I could find. I studied and continued my search for the best battery I could purchase. After a week or so I contacted your facility by telephone about fitment etc. Your staff was friendly and answered all of my questions.
Let’s be honest your battery’s are on the high end as far as cost goes, but I felt your product is superior especially after talking with your staff. I made the decision to make the purchase. I have to tell you my RTR Bomber is an absolute monster with this battery in it. I shared with my son my thoughts on your product, he was amazed at the performance of my Bomber. I will be purchasing a couple of more batteries shortly! My son will also be making a purchase. He is deep in this hobby as he now has 9 vehicles. Bottom line, number 1, you get what you pay for, number 2, it is critical that when your customers reach out to your staff they realize how important it is how they treat and assist a possible customer – your staff did.

I won't do business elsewhere.

- July 27th 2020

Ok heres the deal. First I ordered the wrong batteries, called and left a message...received a return call the very next morning telling me "no problem " to just return them and we'd get things straightened out. Received another call when my returned order hit the desk. Credits were added and the right batteries were ordered and paid for and at my door in like 2 days!
I don't know if I've ever been this taken care of to be honest. In short, I won't do business elsewhere.

Maxamps can't be be beaten, quality or customer service!!!!

- January 17th 2017

I recently ordered the battery and it was placed on back order. As a first time customer, I was disappointed since it was on back-order and I wanted to drive my RR10 bomber bad. The online customer service was astonishing telling me exactly what was happening to my battery. The customer service was top notch and very helpful. Will be definitely doing business again!!!!!!!

Best Batteries Period!

- August 10th 2016

I had purchased a total of 3 batteries. By far the best I've used. I would definitely recommend them to everyone looking for Max Power and run time.
I have 2 in my HPI SAVAGE FLUX HP. 1 in my HPI SAVAGE FLUX XS. 6500MAH 150C DUAL-CORE 3S X2. 5450MAH 120C X1.

More power

- June 12th 2016

To start off I will say they fit perfectly in the battery tray of the new Axial RR10 Bomber. I also noticed a good bit of difference in power and life then my other 3s packs that I have. I have run about 5 or 6 cycles through them already without any changes in numbers. I will be taking these to Axialfest this year and I am only using the 2 packs that I purchased from Maxamps. They are the 5450 3s soft packs and they are awsome.

Great product!

- May 27th 2016

Quality Purchase

- May 27th 2016

I've had Max Amp lipo batteries before and was amazed on how much burst power they produce compared to lesser priced batteries that have 50 or 60c ratings. This new pair I have work great and have a long run time. As I use them more, the burst power seems to get better.

Need a battery, look no further.

- February 05th 2016

I had doubts at first of ordering this battery because it was expensive, bUT it was so worth it. Added 10+ MPH to my brushless slash and is waterproof. Perfect for Alaska climate.

3s 5450mah x 2

- July 08th 2015

Will put you in the winner circle, time & time again. One Luv!

Best in the business!

- June 11th 2015

Companies come & go through the years but here we have a company that's at the top of the Lipo game. Customer service is always top notch & above the rest. Looking for a good product, look no further, MaxAmps reins true. One Luv!

Steve Smith

- March 12th 2015

i have several different voltage and mah max amps packs and they are the best lipo packs i have ever ran. im 50 years old and have raced for about 37 of them and in all that time ive tried a lot of different packs, i mean a lot !!! none come close to what these packs do. these packs are just plain POWER !! no other words needed..


- February 17th 2015

Listen everyone, you want to deal with a company who takes care of you and resolves any problems, this is the company, i hightly recommend this company, i have dealt with so many companies being in business for 28 years and you meet alot of crooks, cheats and liars, this is the best company and you wont be disappointed, I can assure you if this happened elsewhere i would have not been taken care of, the product i bought was a battery and it was so fast, that i lost control and hit my company truck leaving a couple thousand in damages, you want a fast vehicle use their batteries.


- February 12th 2015

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the power in my Rustler VXL...untouchable!

Kyle, FL

- February 12th 2015

If you're new to Lipos & don't have everything you need? These Lipo RTR Kits are the way to Go!!! The battery that comes with this package is Ridiculous. Hey MAXAMPS did a PHENOMENAL JOB! Thanks Evan M.

Adam C.

- February 12th 2015

Bought two of these packs. And I have to say they are fantastic! Delivers the power as promised and are very durable. Plus the customer service is top notch! I am a Max Amps customer for life!

James Pierce

- January 15th 2015

Awesome performance and these packs don't swell up and die like the cheap disposables that I was use to. It was like bolting NOS in my Revo. With Xo1 tires, 2200kv, and 28/36 mod 1 gearing she ran 84mph on gps with a bug body lifted. It was too much gear for my Traxxas, Onyx, and Wildcat Batteries to handle. I didn't run gps with the other batteries to compare results but the top end was night and day with allot more punch at the low end. The same packs also fit and perform great in my X01, Vorza, and Spartan.

- April 10th 2014

10 stars isn't enough of a rating for these nuclear powered batteries.....I'm still smiling my car literally flies

bigrob tomsriver n.j.

- June 27th 2012

OMG! these are just what this truck needs,crazy power and long run time. thanks you guys rock!!


- June 14th 2012

Best pack out there. Jason was a great help to me the first time. I will continue to buy these packs. Run time is 2nd to none.Well worth the price. THANK YOU MAXAMPS.

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