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Reviews for the product - MaxAmps Hard Case LiPo 6000XL 11.1V RTR Kit for Slash®

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 MaxAmps Hard Case LiPo 6000XL 11.1V RTR Kit for Slash® 
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- December 15th 2016


Solid product and exelent service

- July 10th 2016

Finally got my batteries after over a week. NOT Max Amps fault. The USPS took a long slow trip up their own colon with them. that being said, Yes they are worth the cash. I let a friend try these things in his revo AFTER i'd run them in my nero for about a half hour and they promptly shredded a rear tire! they WILL make the nero wheelie with all diffs unlocked.


- March 22nd 2016

Best batteries you can buy!

Quality can make a difference.

- March 02nd 2016

These batteries provide all the power and run time I can utilize,

Yeti XL 3s 6000mah greatness.

- December 28th 2015

These batteries are in my Yeti XL with a Mamba monster X and a TP power 1570v motor geared 64/18 and WOW. I had another brand's batteries for a year and one died. I swapped in the higher quality Maxamp batteries and there was an instant boost in power through out the entire power curve. And they last way over a 1/2 hour. My transmitter has a 30 minute count down timer and it expired and I still kept going. I shut it down before LVC cut in and the batteries were al at 3.6v-3.7v. Very nice batteries. Thanks! A+++

Awesome power

- November 04th 2015

I didn't change the gear ratio (spur-65, pinion-18) and the torque was so great that it literally twisted the rear drive shafts (tearing one completely off). I recommend these batteries to any E-Revo owner looking for power or speed.


- November 02nd 2015

Customer service when you call is 5-Star * * * * * I was treated very well, and all questions were answered in a way that I could understand. The people at MaxAmps, really know their products, and know what battery to use for every application.Also the biggest battery to use for speed and long run time for your application.


- September 16th 2015

These batteries are BAD TO THE BONE!!!
Ran them in my Proline MT 1/10 so much power. And in my Veterra Halix same thing CRAZY

blown away

- August 12th 2015

this battery is awesome/ tons of power ,I currently building a rc so I can join the 70mhp club

6000xl 11.1 lipo MaxAmps

- August 04th 2015

This is my take on MaxAmps batteries .They out perform , outlast, and have a great warranty,yes expensive but when you use these your batteries will not be an excuse. Get a charger that can fill them.

David in NH

- February 17th 2015

To be straight to the point...I was just like you the first time I visited the site, wondering why the higher prices for these "MaxAmps" brand lipos. When was that? About 5 orders ago!! This company is top-shelf and so are the lipos. In today's world, you get what you pay for...I'll keep paying for these, again and again and again......."Ferocious" would be a good way to describe how they perform.


- February 16th 2012

Been running mine for a couple months. This battery is very nice. Love the 5C fast charge and it fits perfectly as described. Runtimes for me running with Mamba pro SCT with 22/52T Gearing is 30-35mins with a top end of 56MPH. Just bought a couple more maxamps for my drifters! Check it out at the link


- February 16th 2012

yes they fit my revo-e 22.2 volts seem like I am running a chainsaw motor in it,gosh awe full fast. Seems 2 run 4 ever esp. the 9000mah 7.4 14.8 is plenty fast and runs until I tire. These r now the only lipo's I buy, may cost a bit more but u get what u pay for, very good value. Long way from the nicad's I use 2 run 30 years ago. Many thanks MaxAmps 4 a really great product!!!


- February 16th 2012

Just got my 3 cell 11.1v 6000mah lipo for my slash 4x4 and let me tell you this thing rocks. Unbelievable power and speed and the good thing was i could have it built to my specs with the different connectors and balance plugs. Well worth the money and thank you max amps i look forward to buying another one soon.

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