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Adam G

- July 08th 2014

I purchased one of these banners to decorate the walls of my new RC hobby workshop, mostly because I am a fan of MaxAmps products and was impressed by their reputation. This isn’t so much a review of the banner (although it is a quality item that looks great when its hung up for display), but rather more of a review of customer service. I am still in the process of building my first RC after getting back into the hobby after over a decade, so I am have not even built my truck up yet to the point where I even need a battery pack. Despite the fact that my order was a simple banner and a sticker sheet, the combine total of which is less than a third of one of their 2 cell LiPos, I still was treated as if I were buying a dozen batteries. The MaxAmps team took over 30 min just chatting with me about tech questions I had and I was the one to end the conversation so I NEVER felt brushed off even after telling them I wouldn’t be in the market for a battery or charger that day. Even after my banner and stickers arrived, I received a HANDWRITTEN thank you card from the MaxAmps team, specifically telling me they hope I enjoy my banner. Taking the time to send me a personalized card when I didn’t even buy a product they are known for or that is a “moneymaker” for them just blew me away. MaxAmps has earned a customer for life with their stellar customer service alone. I am buying my batteries and charger soon and I am honestly almost excited to deal with MaxAmps again as I am to actually drive my truck! I can personally attest that all the stories of the MaxAmps customer service being outstanding is absolutely true. To all prospective customers, you can order with confidence. You won’t be disappointed.

Loyal Customer

- December 27th 2019

we got the order and my son is was really happy with gifts.

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