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 LiPo BMS Battery Tester and Low Voltage Alarm for 1-8 cell Packs 
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Brent T., Richmond VA

- September 08th 2012

I have tested using this LVA device on my Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quad copter when using my MaxAmps 1300mAh battery pack and found it to be helpful in letting me know when my pack is getting low and I need to land my Drone. It is not always practical to keep an eye on the control device screen to watch the battery level which can drop very fast at the end. I prefer using my MaxAmps packs which give me longer flight time and much faster recharge times using my Hyperion charger (30 vs 90 minutes) over the supplied AR.Drone battery packs, but when using after market packs, I have noticed that the AR Drone Freeflight software does not accurately calculate the remaining battery usage left and can very quickly (within seconds) initiate autopilot to land or worse cutt off power to the motors and the Drone will fall out of the sky. So I have found this LVA device perfect to use which sounds a very loud alarm beeping sound to warn me when the battery pack is getting low to a preset voltage level that can be user adjusted by simply pressing a button on the LVA device. For my AR Drone with my 1300mAh packs I use a voltage setting of 3.4 which gives me about 30 seconds warning to give me time to get the Drone landed safely. The LVA device plugs into the battery packs balancing tap plug and is small enough to be tucked in next to the battery under both the indoor and outdoor Drone hulls. Even with the hulls on and the Drone in flight, I can still hear the LVA alarm signal from quite a distance away. I would recommend this device to anyone in need of knowing when their pack is getting low to prevent over discharge or crashing. Oh, and the LVA device can also be used as a stand alone voltage meter to let you know the status of your battery pack voltage levels. The folks at MaxAmps are great to work with and very helpful. Thanks MaxAmps!

Simple and it works

- May 30th 2016

This item came with my recent order. Its simple and it works.

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