LiPo 8000 Lite 3S 11.1v Battery Pack

LiPo 8000 Lite 3S 11.1v Battery Pack

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  • 8,000mah capacity
  • 3S 11.1 volts
  • 20C rating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5C fast charge capable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built today with factory fresh cells
  • Engineered drawings available upon request
  • Built with high-grade silicone jacket wire. Wire gauge determined by plug choice.
  • We add the connector and JST-XH balancing tap
  • Main lead length is 5.00" (custom lengths available upon request)
  • Balance tap wire length is 5.00" (custom lengths available upon request)
  • 138mm x 50mm x 33mm, 507g


We can provide any connectors and wire gauge that you prefer for both balance taps and the main connector. This battery is also available as a "Smart Battery" with a built-in BMS and hard case. We can also offer this battery in ANY VOLTAGE or CAPACITY that you require since they are assembled to order here in the USA. Custom configurations are available upon request. Contact us here on live help, email, or via phone at 888-654-4450 with your specific requirements.

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- August 05th 2009

Outstanding Battery!! I purchased 2 of them a little over a year ago for my Rusler VXL brushless setup, both packs are still running great (about 150 charge/discharge cycles on both so far and still getting the 48 minute runtime). The 70+ mph is no joke...

martin haga

- January 19th 2009

the best battery you can get for your rustler vxl, you have to buy it everybody.


- November 03rd 2008

Make sure you have plenty of CA glue. All of the factory tires i have have been thrown from the rims. This thing makes your VXL system come alive.

The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop

- October 28th 2008

WOW... our customer has a 100% aluim. vxl rustler (very heavy).he purchaced maxamps 8000hv 11.1 lipo and that truck is so fast it will do a 50+mph wheelie and flip backward on its top.unbielivable .


- September 06th 2008

this battery is wicked i cant keep my rustler on the ground.i clocked at 74 mph.

- August 22nd 2008

EISH!!!!! Dis is some HUGE HUGE POWER.... Makes my rustler snake like hell...unlimited power!!!! great run time!!!! Now i know what my rustler is really capable of!!!! Thanks a Mill MAXAMPS!!!

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