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 LiPo 6500 6S2P 22.2v Battery Pack 
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Thor Larsen

- November 23rd 2010

This is the second MaxAmps pack that I've owned. My other one is a 14.8, 10k mAh (four years old and still going strong). They perform exactly as advertised. I have tried less expensive batteries, but the results were unspectacular, ultimately they puffed up and were discarded.

This particular battery doesn't even get warm after 10 minutes of flying my camera helicopter, and there is still plenty "in the tank". I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. They are most certainly one of the highest quality available, and the personal service is great.

Wayne Hittle

- January 23rd 2015

Got the batteries installed in the 100 beast and the dimension's were correct but I have not had good enough weather to fly the plane yet. Thank you.

Just ordered a 8000mah 4s cant wait to get it!!!

- August 27th 2015

Hi, I don’t often write reviews but in the case of these Maxamps LJPO’s I wanted to take the time to write a review for them. I have been using them for a while now. I only have 2 so far, both 6500mah capacity, one a 4S the other a 6S.
It took me a long time to try them because of the price, however, in the long run actually they end up much cheaper than the inexpensive Chinese LIPO’s I have used in the past. I say this because of the number of the inexpensive LIPO’s I have bought, just to throw away after only a short time.
Another point worth mentioning is the size, now I haven’t done the math comparing cubic inches or anything else but holding up a 6500mah 150C Maxamps to other 5000mah 30C the larger capacity Maxamps LIPO looks smaller.
Power, I have been using duel core Maxamps LIPOs and I can tell you 100% for sure they have more power than other LIPOs I have used. After flying with the Maxamps batteries then going to a Chinese lipo the copter feels sluggish, feels like something is wring with the copter, black and white, day and night difference in power.
Customer service, before I bought the Maxamps LIPOs I had some questions so I emailed them. I ended up exchanging quite a few emails and in that time I learned more “good” info about LIPOs than I had known before from other sources. Because of their lifetime warranty I feel I can trust the advice I received from Maxamps. (there not going to give advice that would hurt a lipo they would have to replace)
I can say with confidence that I will never buy the initially less inexpensive LIPOs again..
Lifetime warranty, Fair price (in the long run), super customer service, and by far the best batteries I have used make Maxamps my choice from now on!!!

Best battery I've used

- March 01st 2017

So, these batteries are kind of expensive right! But you know the old saying "you get what you pay for" well, In my experience, I'll tell you that these MAXAMPS have outlasted any other battery I've tried.
Not only that,the performance results are much greater as well.

Best Lipo Ever!!

- August 21st 2018

Running a Mamba Monster X with a 2200kv Castle in a Losi Lst monster truck and this Lipo keeps me bashing for an hour or more. Follow the care instructions to a T and you will be sooo happy for your purchase. Unbelievable difference from my other lipos.

Thank you!

- January 28th 2019

I am very pleased with the batteries I purchased from you.
I am a disabled/retired firefighter who took up rc cars as part of my therapy. I enjoy sitting outside, running my cars and working on them to maintain them. It has been very good for me both mentally and physically. Your products allow me to get excellent run times and are very reliable.

Great service and battery!

- May 28th 2019

Batteries are great. Thank you so much for the service. Overall awesome product.

You are doing great, I love your products.

- August 03rd 2021

You are doing great, I love your products. I get much longer flight times with your batteries.

Thanks for the awesome battery. Race winning power!

- February 01st 2022

Thanks for the awesome battery. Race winning power!

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