LiPo 6500 2S 7.4v Dual Core Battery Pack

LiPo 6500 2S 7.4v Dual Core Battery Pack

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Lipo batteries like this 6500 can handle any of the high powered brushless systems. There are lots of batteries out there to choose from. These lipo batteries are the very best. At 150C, there are no other lipo batteries that even come close. If you are looking for a lipo that fits your vehicle, these batteries fit most trays. We also offer other versions of these lipo batteries that are designed for specific vehicles. The batteries wire exits the lipo from the right location and is the correct length for your lipo to fit perfectly. These are high performance lipo batteries that are unmatched in the industry. 

The 150C Dual Core pack offers the highest performance of any lipo battery available in the world. Rather than using one 6500mah cell, we take two 3250mah 150C cells and put them together in parallel. By doing this, the power load is split between two cells(cores) instead of one. Each cell has the thickest and lowest resistance tabs available. Not only do you get two cores, but you get 4 tabs instead of 2. This creates a pack with the lowest possible resistance, the highest voltage under load, and the most rapid voltage recovery of any pack we have ever tested.

  • 45+mph in most brushless setups(7.4 volts)
  • True 150C rating
  • 39 minutes average run time(6500mah capacity)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5C fast charge capable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built today with factory fresh cells
  • Built with genuine 12awg Deans Ultra wire
  • We add the connector and JST-XH balancing tap for you
  • 138mm x 45mm x 24mm, 327g

This popular pack provides long run times while holding incredible voltage under load and will drop right in with no modifications required.

SCX6 users, you can run either one battery or two batteries to extend run time. Running two batteries requires Spektrum IC5 Parallel Y-harness(part #SPMXCA509).

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- May 27th 2022

Everything was fantastic
I will order again

Second to none!

- May 04th 2022

Second to none. proud to say ..MAXAMPS powers all my trucks


- May 04th 2022

I received your battery in perfect shape. I like the power for drag racing

Great product!

- April 20th 2022

I have received the batteries I ordered. I am absolutely happy with them. They are exactly what I was looking for and I will be ordering from your company again. Thank you for a great product, it is very much appreciated.


- April 14th 2022

Awesome ordering experience and great product will be placing another order soon!!!!

My batteries have been great!

- April 14th 2022

All eight of my batteries have been great. Pretty much at this point I won’t run any battery other than the MaxAmp batteries, and recommend them to anyone that asks about them.

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