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 LiPo 6000 2S 7.4v Saddle Battery Pack 
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Nick sara

- January 20th 2008

I have a worlds BJ4 and i have one of there 6000 MaH Batts in it with a Novak 3.5
And clocked it at 91.2 MPH.

For my BJ4 I have got a Novak 7.5 , 6.5 , 5.5 , 4.5 and the 3.5.
And all i do is Play at home. i dont go to tracks.

For every one out there with a BJ4 or D4 who is just playing around I would 100% tell you to get a maxAmps 6000 Mah pack or even 5500 or 4400 pack.
And A Novak 3.5 because i have had no probs with gear boxes or dif.

For the players at home That have a 7.5 , 6.5 , 5.5 and 4.5 Please get a Maxamps Pack and 3.5 RIGHT NOW

5/5 Maxamps


- March 22nd 2008

These saddle packs are incredible. With the Novak GTB and 7.5 I consistantly get 45 minute practice's with no problem. They are the best investment that I have made in this hobby, and honestly, I wish that I could buy a second battery but with the long run time that I get from this one there is no need for it.

- September 02nd 2008

Amazing, two thumbs up. I put it in my AE B44 and it flies with amazing runtimes, i had to modify my battery tray (no cutting included) and I'm Kicking Nitro A$$!


- October 20th 2008

Hi, I write from Italy. I bought this lipo 6000mah saddle pack some days ago and tested it last weekend: it's simply FANTASTIC, awesome speed and incredible running time (30-35 minutes with 3.5T motor) on all my vehicles (associated B44, cyclone D4, predadtor X11 and tamiya TRF501X). Customer service is fast and precise. Surely, I'll buy many other packs!!!


- April 26th 2009

Well this "6000 mAh" battery is routinely taking charge of over 6500 mAh, and this is with the voltage cut off set at 6.4V on my B44's Mamba Max! Amazing capacity and amazing power from these batteries. I am very impressed, indeed.

Nick sara

- July 19th 2009

98.1 KPH with a Fantom 3.5 in Worlds BJ4 this pack is soooo good. i would recommend this pack to anyone who wants Heaps of punch and speed.
Thanks Maxamps


- September 27th 2009

I'm interested to hear more experiences. I bought a Maxamps 5500 saddle pack for my B44 the day the B44 shipped. I've only run a NiMH in it once or twice to do some tuning while the 5500 was on the charger.

Previous posters are right: I go months maybe close to a year never taking the same pack out of the car -- I just run for 45 minutes and then charge for 1 hr. I'm not a racer, so having a tight schedule isn't too important to me.

Im curious though (and please forgive me from anyone thinking I'm hijacking this thread, but I think it's stlll apropros)

I run GTB Novaks exclusively in my B44. The local hobby shop has every flavor, and they are as cheap as anything you can find on the internet. Support you LHS. Anyhow, I started with a 7.5 Light, then went to a 6.5, then went to a 5.5 Light, then a 5.5, and now finally I have a 5.5 with a sintered rotor.

I truly could not tell much difference between the motors until I used the 5.5 sintered modified brushless. There were some subjective "punch" and "feel" differences, but not enough to justify one of each to try them out (IMHO... but I'm a novice on the track...)

Gearing, diff tuning, and other drivetrain factors had much more effect on speed and run time than the actual KV (read: "turns" on Novak) of the motor.

I did find widely inconsistent motor and ESC temps with all these setups.

Mostly, I found I was running severely undergeared and the motor and ESC were cool to the touch after a long rally through thick, tough grass which would kill most cars. Temps like 115° F after a full-bore run. I was definitely geared down too low. After going through a week of pinion testing I got my motor temps to a more respectable 165° with WAAAYYY too much acceleration, punch, and top-end for me to handle. Still getting 35 min+ maxing out the gearing and having to drive in thick bermuda grass just to provide enough physical resistance to simulate driving FT under race conditions. Still I never went over 170°.

I think the net net is this: I will downgrade to a 4400Mah LiPo and run moderate gearing where the motor and ESC are running about 135°. The lighter weight will add some running time, and probably be a bit nicer to the hardware components :)

Any follow on discussion is definitely welcome since I'm a lone rogue just trying what works and getting virtually all my informations from the internets! ;-)


marc richard

- June 23rd 2010

the best battery for your b44
tons of runtime and more punch than you can handle! you can run 3 qualifiers and a main on 1 charge! You will not be disappointed!


- January 17th 2011

I put it in my B44, great speed, then my neighbor's greyhound started chasing it and tried to eat it 0_o and got a face full of LiPo fire. dumb dog. I got a new one though. (the warranty doesn't cover dog damage) before it went boom, I clocked it at 37 MPH.

zachary ingrey

- June 11th 2011

this battery is the best one yet.. it fits perfectly in my team associated b44.1 and works well with my mamba max pro. I really like the long run time.


- October 09th 2012

Very good pack and the customer service was by far STELLAR... The battery built and shipped as advertise and I love it in my Durango Desc410v2.

Eddie Doggett

- October 17th 2012

By far the best battery I Own. Was worried about the fit in my Durango but it fits Perfectly and runs great. Had a friend drive it on a track with the Teken 4600 and Rx8 with a 14 pinion gear. Ran 12min and never slacked any. Wanna win? This is the one to have...


- October 17th 2013

The best lipo I have ever ran! I have run reedy, trakpower, and a few cheaper lipo's and this is by far the best I have ever ran in my buggy. the customer service is great as well....customer for life!! Do not waste your money on any others!!


- May 05th 2014

Maxamps batteries are the best! Don't waste your hard earned money on any other battery. These are some of the best and most stable LiPo's I have ever used. I have tried many other brands of LiPo's and these stand out far above the rest. One of the greatest things I saw from Maxamps is the hand signed card the shows each step of the build and test; I have never seen that from any other company. Hats off to Maxamps. Customer for life and everyone at my local track knows it.

Exceptional Battery

- May 31st 2015

My first MaxAmps LiPo battery, but not my first LiPo. Consistently delivers rated capacity. Run time and power performance as strong from start to finish. Matched cell voltage. Clean and solid electrical connectors. I'm switching to MaxxAmps.

Ascender 7.4v 6000mAh battery

- August 10th 2016

This battery is awesome! Depending on circumstances I think you could get close to 4hrs of run time with this battery! The discharge rate is awesome, no fading out of the battery. A simple piece of rigid foam and a piece of Velcro on the bottom keep this battery right where it needs to be in the K5 Blazer so it doesn't interfere with the suspension. It's waterproof and has a lifetime warranty it's a no-brainer! Well worth the money!

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