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Reviews for the product - LiPo 5450 6S 22.2v Battery Pack

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 LiPo 5450 6S 22.2v Battery Pack 
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Yall batteries are amazing

- August 20th 2020

Yall batteries are amazing of right now I am pleased with it!

- July 28th 2020

Hello I have received it and as of right now I am pleased with it! It fits good I have not yet had any issues!

Extremely satisfied

- July 23rd 2020

Received the replacement battery and extremely satisfied with response to the battery issue I had.

Very pleased with service

- July 23rd 2020

Received new battery, very pleased with service.

Top notch service

- November 06th 2019

Yes iam happy with my order , I would like to give a special thanks
to Daniel and Matt for taking the time to help me learn about
lipo batteries and also how to use my Hi tec D7 charger .
They where very patient and answered all my questions .
First class customer service .

Greatest packs I have used

- August 27th 2019

I did receive it. And it.... is....Custom. Really nice packaging and great build quality. Best batt since getting back into the hobby. I was into nitro cars back in the 80's & 90's and I'm hooked again doing speed runs with electric cars, mans gotta have his hobbies. Anyway so far so good. I will be ordering a couple 3s lipo's from you in a couple weeks.

What I needed

- August 27th 2019

I'm Very happy with your products!

Extremely satisfied

- August 09th 2019

I am very happy with my order! Thank you my lipo is awesome right now!

Amazing product

- April 15th 2019

I received the batteries very quickly. They’re brilliant too. Better than any I’ve ever had. Definitely recommending you. Thanks for the good work, keep it up!


- March 24th 2019

I am running my 6s 5450 in my Arrma Notorious. I am getting longer run time and higher top speed than all of my fellow Arrma crew using Turnigy, Helios, and Lectron. MaxAmps are the best!

Awesome experience!

- January 15th 2019

Everything was and is GREAT! So far it is a pleasure doing business with you guys!

Amazing and over expectations

- September 18th 2018

Loved this Maxamps 6s Lipo battery. Great power and light weight. It is just perfect.


- July 17th 2018

Great battery but wish it had a hard case option.

5450 6s

- September 28th 2017

I bought this lipo for my speed car. I was running 2 3s lipos in at 86 mph. Changed to the maxamps 6s and shot up to over 100 mph. Really didnt like the price but its been a good battery so far.

Most reliable batteries ever!

- July 28th 2017

While I have used several brands of batteries, NONE of them come close to the run time and power of MaxAmps batteries!

Finally Lipo I Can Count On!!!!

- August 24th 2016

Running 1/8 Scale motors puts great stress on Lipo's. With MaxAmps I finally found a battery that lasts. They are true to their C rating, giving me all the power I need, no lag, no bad cells day after day. I have used most batteries out there, and always run into issue early or mid life on each brand.

best battery i have ever purchased

- June 06th 2016

great battery from a company with amazing service


- May 25th 2016

My 22.2v, battery really saves space in my 1/8 scale, 6S, vehicles. Instead of stacking two 11.1v batterys. Love the starting power in a high 100C, and 150C, rated batterys. And the choice of mAh, for long run times.

Rocket fuel or just a battery?

- May 05th 2016

I was amazed at the power and amount of run time our ARRMA Kraton 8th scale truck has when using this battery.

The speed and power was like being shot from from a giant sling-shot!!

It was jaw dropping results from the previous brand named battery to this "fuel cell".

Kudos to the team of MaxAmps for making such worthwhile batteries and offering the service and advice the way they have proven to do.

I will continue stocking the MaxAmps line of batteries for a variety of the vehicles we use and sell. They are a bit more costly but with the results, service and support we get from this company, it's worth the little bit of extra money!

AMAZING Performance! What a difference!

- December 18th 2015

This battery blows away the Energizer Bunny! This battery, once charged will last almost 2 hours before the low Voltage Cut Off kicks in. MaxAmps has done it again, the BEST $250 worth of I've ever seen.

WOW !!!! Awesome batteries Great service

- July 24th 2015

Heard about Maxamps while researching batteries on line. Ordered the battery on their website. Product is made only when the order is placed. Item was delivered in two days. Packaging was high quality with a check list that included initials of four individuals who personally took responsibility of creating my battery. WOW !! Very powerful 6s with super long run time- keeps ripping tires off the rims. Also received a hand written thank you card. Awesome batteries great service. Definitely worth the cost. Will never buy a made in China battery again. Thanks Maxamps team.

Great batteries

- June 01st 2015

We have nothing but good things to say about your batteries. They arrived on time and performed exactly as advertised, especially since we aren't exactly easy on them. We used them as the sole power source in our electric race car conversion and it worked out amazingly. See the youtube link for video of our car:

Gary go faster

- March 14th 2015

Been buying maxamp packs for years.still have my 11.1v 6000xl packs,over 4 years old and still going strong.just sent them back In to be re wrapped these guys didn't charge me a penny!! Just got my 6 cell pack for my arrma typhon,car is crazy fast.honestly can't beat these guys!! They really are number 1!


- February 09th 2015

Since my introduction into rc heli's I have used batteries of many sorts. I find that max amps batteries hold up well under stressful conditions like heat,cold,discharge,and charge.I have 3cell,5cell,and 6cell batteries. My oldest batteries are over 2years old being the 5cell-3250Mah. Brand new these batteries allowed me to fly my trex500 for over 9 minutes,casual flying. Now I get over 8 minutes of flying a little more aggressively. To sum it up,YES, maxamps batteries are on the pricey side,but for the quality, I feel it is fair,and the outstanding customer service is outstanding,and made in the USA!

Product Research Gear LLC.

- December 05th 2014

MaxAmaps provides the best batteries to date.


- April 21st 2013

good for DJI S800! x2


- March 04th 2013 provided excellent service and support to someone new to rc. As far as the battery goes well lets just say you are tripping if you go with anything else...

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