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 LiPo 4000 4S 14.8v Battery Pack 
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It’s pretty crazy!

- July 02nd 2021

Hi, great batteries, I’m running a 70mm 4s jphobby edf in a 1997 kyosho t33 shootingstar, it loves 90amps at full throttle, (it’s a cool setup, not loud at all and what you can hear is a nice jet whoosh, with a 1.6 to 1 thrust to weight ratio, it goes 60 mph straight up). My old 45c batteries drop to 75amps in about 2 seconds, with my new wonderful maxamps 150c batteries I can run full throttle 90amps for around 4 minutes nonstop!, without anything getting hot, It’s pretty crazy! I am super happy with the batteries. The service was awesome, the batteries got here quick, 3 or 4 days. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Tom

Planning on ordering a few more real soon

- August 20th 2020

Thanks I love the 4000 battery it has plenty of power. Planning on ordering a few more real soon... Thanks again

Definitely worth every penny!

- December 17th 2019

I’m really liking my MaxAmps packs. The 4s dual core are coming off the track after my race in the 16v range. The 4000 packs are perfect for my 10min mains in u4z data log numbers are amazing ending the race with 15v. Super happy with the consistency of power delivery from start to finish. I definitely feel the power difference from the other 100c rated packs I was using. Shipping was quick and the package is top notch. All that and the packs are sick looking with the flame wraps.

Awesome experience!

- January 15th 2019

Everything was and is GREAT! So far it is a pleasure doing business with you guys!


- November 30th 2018

By far the best and only I will buy


- October 15th 2018

First runs untuned and without my hi speed gears 4tech ran 9mph faster with Maxxamp battery!!!!

Best Lipo’s on the market

- September 18th 2018

I just want to take a min to thank the max amps
Team for make the best lipo’s I have ever used
And for always having great customer service
I have several of there lipo’s and I tell everyone
I know that they need to try them for them self’s
Once you go max amps you won’t use any other thanks again


- August 27th 2017

by far my best batteries in my collection I run these in my losi 5ive t brushless without an issue in series. I first bought a pair to run in my savage XXL in parallel but now they end up in any of my trucks that I plan on running, makes my Baja scream down the road!

Best Batteries Ever!

- February 04th 2016

The ability to charge these batteries at nearly 400w is AMAZING. You wouldn't do that with anybody else's 4s LiPos.

Maxamps 4s

- September 23rd 2015

This lipo is above and beyond other market lipos. Outstanding job!


- March 24th 2015

I stepped up (and geared down 18/54 to 15/54) to this 4S pack from MA3250 3S packs for my road-drifting Slash 4x4/Tekin RS8g2/T8 2650. I am brutal on the throttle and rear tires last for 10 sessions of 30 minutes each. Volting up to 4S and gearing down brought this beast to life. I can't get any component of the system hot any more...aside from the tires. Absolutely awesome pack as usual. Great customer service and quick pack assembly and shipping times. I'll be back.

Thanks Max ChAmps!


- April 04th 2008

I have this powerpacks now already in use since over one year ago in my Scale Hotliner, a LS-8, the power is the same infinitely as new, also after over 100 flights. I only recommend to you MaxAmps.

Nelson Holmberg

- January 02nd 2008

A year ago, I bought four of these batteries to use in my 1/10-scale unlimited hydroplane, and they were awesome all season. I used them for 14 races (at least three heats in each race), and multiple testing sessions. I highly recommend these packs.


- December 20th 2007

This battery is very pimp. It balances on the CG when mounted in the rear-most position of the cockpit in my Multiplex Twister. I did have to add 28g of tail weight but the performance has been monster ... in the 80-100mph range for a large 1.3 kg jet! Thanks to MaxAmps for turning heads at the field.

Sam Patriacca

- July 12th 2007

I have two of these batteries and they are cool running, fully loaded with mAh's and very durable.

I have a total of 4 Maxamps batteries and I will buy more as I expand my electric power hangar.

Lastly, you will not believe the customer service that Austin provides. Absolutely the best in the business. He even sends a hand written "Thank You" note with every purchase.

A Top Notch outfit with a great product.

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