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Reviews for the product - LiPo 3250 4S 14.8v Battery Pack - Allow 3 weeks

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 LiPo 3250 4S 14.8v Battery Pack - Allow 3 weeks 
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More speed right off the bat

- January 14th 2020

Customer service was great and I’m extremely satisfied with the battery. Don’t have a video yet but this one 4s battery is doing
95mph in my 4-tec 2.0

Satisfied customer

- July 25th 2019

We have received the order and are very happy with it, thank you!

Awesome experience!

- January 15th 2019

Everything was and is GREAT! So far it is a pleasure doing business with you guys!

Good Battery

- February 05th 2016

The MaxAmp batteries come in a nice box and are well packed for safe delivery.
I've ordered them with the connectors I want (EC5) and they will make them with just about any type of connector.
The performance has been as expected. I have not made any measurements to confirm output - but I'm happy with how fast my RC cars go.


- July 23rd 2014

Before I came to Maxamps I bought batteries and chargers from more than one seller and everything I bought was a total waste. The charger could not charge for crap and the batteries ballooned almost right after I got them (40 days later). A friend told me I should buy from Maxamps. I had been on the website before and was a little daunted by the prices. After my previous experience however, I was willing to spend the money. I got my stuff in just under a week and was blown away by the amazing performance of the new batteries and charger! And Maxamps even sent me a thank you card for doing business with them! This is 5 stars from a very happy new customer for life!


- July 19th 2012

What an awesome Battery and service I will buy another when I can, Great for drag racing.

lonny green

- March 09th 2012

wow i just used my new 4 cell pack in my very modified firestorm flux. I have 5 of the max amps 3 cell 150c packs and love them but all i do is speed runs so i wanted to try the 4 cell pack and have finally broke the 80 mph mark proven with a bushnell radar gun. Thank you max amps im a lifetime customer. I have used everyones lipo packs but they all fall short of their ratings and performance. Not only do you have the best products you have the best customer service also.

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