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Reviews for the product - LiPo 2800 3S 11.1v Phantom Battery Pack

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 LiPo 2800 3S 11.1v Phantom Battery Pack 
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You guys know your doing a great job!

- August 14th 2020

You guys know your doing a great job! The original packs I was looking for were not available and you guys came through with a slight upgrade for very little additional cost. My semi-custom blue wrap matches my Slash Ultimate beach buggy spot on, I was unaware of this option but I can assure you I wont forget next time. I live right down I-5 in Astoria and my items are always here super fast.

PS, I still have the first Max Amps pack I ever purchased. This thing is years old… and a few days ago I tossed it in a TRX4 for a buddy to mess with… still going strong!

Love my MaxAmps

- June 23rd 2016

Love my MaxAmps lipos, used them in both of my 12lb 4X4 pulling trucks at the NRCTPA SpringNationals and finished 3rd and 4th out 22 entries in the class.

Best pack, hands down.

- March 14th 2016

Did my homework and maxamps was the way to go. Got mine, flew it hard, and still got more flight time than any of my other packs. I had a question and sent them an email. They got back to me quickly. Couldn't ask for more. Only brand I'll buy from now on.

Awesome Battery

- February 12th 2016

This was my first purchase and it's great. The way the battery was packed was great. I bought the battery for my drone and I get longer flight times. Thanks again.

awesom 2800 mah pack

- February 04th 2016

Max amps is the only lipo pack I personally use or recommend they deliver thank you max amps

The best

- September 20th 2015

Simply the best service and battery you could buy. The battery has awesome power with longer flying time.


- September 10th 2015

Maxamps handled the warranty my battery fast

Great for 250 Racer too!!!

- August 13th 2015

I have commented on these Packs once before flying on my "Fully Loaded " Phantom 111. I took the gimbal off, but left OSD, Bluetooth Unit, transmitter , and GoPro 3+Black on the bird and got 11.45 minutes flight time!! I saw someone had tried them on 250 Drone so I did too. Storm drone 250 Pro is a 3s , 4s Bird. These packs were close to 4s Preformance ! No kidding! The burst power shot my bird forward almost as good as storm 1800 4s batteries!! They are to big for my Type A SRD, but fit in the 250 Pro frame perfectly. Buy these! You will not regret the investment in the best battery you can buy.


- July 24th 2015

I have purchased a total of 4 of these packs and have to say THERE OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I ran 2 in parallel and dispite the weight, the power and lift off were fantastic!!! If this wasn't enough to peak your interest, you also get the complete support from MAX AMPS! They have spent lots of time on the phone with me helping me set up my Hyperion 720i Net 3 AD. It was overwhelming for me and couldn't have done it without them. 5 star service and support is worth it's weight in gold!! Thank you MAX AMPS!!!

best battery's on the market

- May 28th 2015

while flying my airplanes or my quadcopter's,i only trust maxamps batterys..period..

Jose Martin

- April 09th 2015

Great battery; i use it in my 260 mini quad an the flight performance its great.


- February 17th 2015


Gladston Taylor

- February 17th 2015

Put the new 2800mah through some testing with my Blade 350qx. First test, 350qx in "smart mode" for 5 minutes, flip switch to "AP mode", was able to reach a total flight of 15 minutes 35 seconds, with aggressive flying.
Next test, added my gimbal, and gopro camera, switch to "AP mode", reached flight time of 10 minutes 15 seconds.
Works good.....

Alvar Montes de Oca

- February 12th 2015

Excelentes baterias. Las recomiendo para los helicópteros 450. Estas baterias luego de usarlas, mantienen una temperatura baja comparadas con otras.
(Excellent battery . The recommend for helicopters 450. These batteries after use , maintain a low temperature compared to others.)


- February 12th 2015

Thank you very much for prompt service.
The 2800 fits perfect in the quattro x

Willem de Kroon

- January 02nd 2015

I would recommend this battery to any quadcopter enthusiast
it fits perfectly in my twister quadcopter-x.
certainly a great improvement from the battery it came with
Which lasted less than two months.

George Hall

- October 06th 2014

When flying my DJ Phantom, I don't have to worry about my flight time. The Max Amps battery just keeps on going and going, and bring her home before she blinks. Just love this battery.


- September 03rd 2014

A great upgrade for my Phantom FC40, pretty tight fit, but it does fit. Also awesome packaging, I know where to come for all my quad battery needs!, Thanks!

Billy Duke

- June 09th 2014

Its a little heavy but worth the weight. The extra power and MAH make this a bad a** battery pack. Blows G8-Pro Lites away for an extra 14 bucks its worth it.

Flint Hills Dude

- March 10th 2014

Excellent flight time. Build quality excellent. Slightly difficult to fit inside Phantom 1 shell.


- February 04th 2014

This MaxAmps battery:

Pros: Lightest and most compact of any 2800mah (Fits very nicely in the 350QX.. Longer flight time than any other 2800mah I have tried. Cool aesthetic design and nice box packaging.

Cons: 100C rating does NOT appear to be correct, technically it may be but it really felt like at 30C battery or even slightly less.

I like to have at least 6 different batteries when I go out and flying, each for a different purpose. This battery is, as mentioned above, great for high elevation climes.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe, time it, bring her home before she blinks. Have fun :)


- December 19th 2013

My Phantom is decked out with CF props, prop guards and a GoPro 3B and FPV rig that are run off the main pack. The OEM pack is lucky if it gets 6 mins under these conditions, but the 2800 is good for about 9. It'll get to about 12 without the extra stuff on board.

The 2800 also seems to have a lot of reserve power once the Phantom's panic light comes on. I like to see how high the Phantom can go. My best is 1693 feet with the CF props, guards, cam and FPV. The flight took over 12 minutes, but the Phantom was still running when it got back! (Don't do this at home ... it may damage the pack and abuse isn't covered under the warranty.)

The 2800 is a bit heavier than the OEM and it's tight fit in the Phantom, but if you want a pack that gives you that extra margin, give these a try.


- September 25th 2013

Tried the max amps 2800 mah battery for my phantom. Love it! Stock battery I get 9 minutes, and the 2800 gets me almost 12 minutes. (without using a brushless gimbal).I'm ordering more. Great Upgrade!

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