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Reviews for the product - LiPo 2500 3S 11.1v Transmitter Flat Battery Pack

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 LiPo 2500 3S 11.1v Transmitter Flat Battery Pack 
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- July 11th 2010

I got tired of the quick voltage drop of Nimh AA batteries and having to charge them every time I want to go to the track. I drove all day with this battery. The radio was on for 5-6 hours. At the end of the day, it was still at 11.9 volts. I will be buying the other one for my other radios.


- June 25th 2010

I use this in my M11 radios. It last forever and holds a charge even when stored a long time. I use the balancing taps even thought they say you don't need them in a transmitter pack. I can charge, run all day, put the controller away for a month, come back and run all day again without charging. This is perfect. The only thing I could say is it would be nice if you could charge at a 5c rate for those times when it finally dies and your eager to get out running again.


- August 06th 2009

I ordered this for my Futaba 3PM 2.4ghz. This battery does fit and makes the controller so light compared to regular AA batteries in it. I have ran both of my cars several times for extended time periods and this battery is holding up great so far with the charge. Another great product from MaxAmps!!!

grier boedker

- April 06th 2008

wow this 2500 mah batt lasts forever
its a great upgrade to my futaba 3pk

also very impressed with the 1400mah receiver pack that i picked up from you.

as soon as my starter pack dies i'll be buying a new 1 from you

thanks for making great batt. packs

grier boedker

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