LiPo 2500 3S 11.1v Transmitter Brick Battery Pack with JR Plug

LiPo 2500 3S 11.1v Transmitter Brick Battery Pack with JR Plug

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For many years 9.6V Ni-Cd  battery packs have been used in RC transmitters, but MaxAmps has brought the radio world into the high power of Lipo batteries. We have developed a new Lipo battery pack to replace the old tired Ni-Cd packs.  These new packs provide 3 times the duration at half the weight!   Now you can charge your radio once a month, instead of once a week! This battery must only be charged with a Lipo approved charger.

Perfect for JR, Spektrum and other popular radios that take a brick style pack.

  • 2500mah capacity
  • 3S 11.1 volts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 93mm X 31mm x 28mm, 145g

No modifications are required.  Just install the pack into your radio with the JR style plug and you are ready to go!  Most transmitters are programmed to sound a Low Battery alarm which will allow enough time to land without damaging your battery.

Note: This pack does not come with balancing taps.   Make sure your Lipo charger is capable of charging without a balancing tap.  Otherwise, request a particular balancing tap to be installed on your pack by choosing it from the drop down menu.

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Awesome as always.

- October 29th 2020

Awesome as always. I’ve had this battery in my controller futaba 3pk for many years charged it occasionally.
That’s when I decided to buy another. The extra one I ordered was for my cousin I told him I love the battery so he was on board.
Love the...


- September 19th 2011

This is an excellent product. I purchased a second transmitter and now my second transmitter pack from MaxAmps. I am still using the first pack in my DX-7 after two years of service. It is still just like new.

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