LiPo 225 1S 3.7v Battery 6-Pack RTF Kit for 2.0 Power Whoop Tiny Whoop™

LiPo 225 1S 3.7v Battery 6-Pack RTF Kit for 2.0 Power Whoop Tiny Whoop™

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Ultimate RTF Kit for your Tiny Whoop™. Get longer flight times, more power, and more cycles.

Extend your flight time and increase power on the Tiny Whoop™ by upgrading to our high-performance 225mAh 1S LiPo battery with 2.0 Power Whoop connector.

Save on charging time with included 1S Parallel Charging Adapter Board. Keep flying by having the next battery charged and ready to go. Choose our 6-pack RTF Kit and save!

Kit includes:

6 - LiPo 225mah 1S 3.7v battery packs with 2.0 Power Whoop connector

  • 225mah capacity
  • 1S 3.7 volts
  • True 100C rating
  • 50mm X 11mm X 6mm
  • 6 grams
  • 5C fast charge capable

Note: Always grab the battery by the black plastic base.

Also compatible with Blade Inductrix FPV+ BNF.

1 - Hitec RDX1 Pro AC/DC LiPo Battery Charger

The RDX1 Pro is an AC/DC high-performance microprocessor-controlled battery charger/discharger with management features suitable for all popular chemistries. Featuring an integrated six-cell balancer for all Lithium chemistries including the latest high voltage Lithium-Polymer (LiHV) batteries, this AC/DC professional-grade unit offers a maximum charge power of 100 watts!

Its sleek space-saving tower design allows easy front-loading plug-in convenience of balancing and temperature sensor ports, a USB link and USB 5V DC 2.1 amps, and 4mm battery sockets. Deluxe features include a 3.2-inch easy-to-read LCD screen and the Charge Master software which allows the unparalleled ability to operate the RDX1 through a computer. This compact, 100-watt wonder brings integrated balancing, convenience, and ease to all your charging operations.

Features and Charging Specifications:

  • 100-240V AC or 11-18V DC
  • Maximum Charge Power: 100W
  • Charge Current Range: 0.1 - 10.0A
  • Maximum Discharge Power: 10W
  • Discharge Current Range: 0.1 - 2.0A
  • Balancing Port Current Drain: 300MA/Cell
  • LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon Cell Count: 1-6 Cells
  • NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1-15 Cells
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 2 - 20V
  • Internal Lithium Battery Balancer
  • Multiple Lithium Battery Charge Modes
  • 10 Battery Memory
  • LiPo Battery Meter
  • Net Weight: 470g
  • Dimensions: 159 x 72.5 x 123mm
  • 1-year guarantee

Included Accessories:

1 - XT60 Charge Lead

1 - T-Type Charge Lead

1 - Battery Balance Board w/ cable (JST-XH type)

1 - AC Power Cord

1 - XT60 Male DC Power Cord

1 - 1S LiPo Parallel Charging Adapter Board

The adapter board connects to a standard LiPo Battery Charger via the 4mm bullet connectors.

WARNING: Batteries should never be attached/detached unless the adapter is connected to the charger, or a short circuit at the gold bullet plugs may occur.

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I have been please so far with your batteries.

- April 15th 2021

I have been please so far with your batteries. They appear to be superior to many of your competitors and I would like to try some additional batteries.

I love the batteries...

- July 28th 2020

I love the batteries and there is a noticeable difference between the your batteries and the mylipo that came with my whoop. Now you guys need to make a few toothpick batteries that come with xt30 plugs.

??s ???? ?? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ?????!!!

- September 18th 2018

Best whoop batteries on the market worth every cent. Won't fly my whoop without them.

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