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 LiPo 22000 6S2P 22.2v Battery Pack for DJI S1000 
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Battery Pack

- May 14th 2018

Fantastic Product!

Super Pro Aerial

- August 10th 2016

We exclusively use and recommend MaxAmps batteries for all our sUAS! The customer service and after sales support is only exceeded by the performance of their batteries! Thanks for great batteries and service.

Best LiPo

- October 16th 2015

Love it. No problems. It runs better than I need it to. No need to take a shot in the dark buying those other brands. I have a custom built Octo. with eight Tarot 5008's. This battery runs it like a champ.

Thank you MaxAmp's

DJI S1000+ flight battery (awesome!!!)

- August 24th 2015

I highly recommend this battery for the DJI S1000+, it has a better flight time than any other lipo brand that I have used thus far. I am getting 22 to 24 min flight times while carrying a Panasonic GH4 camera and zen muse HD gimbal. I highly recommend the MaxAmps battery line up, great customer service 5stars!!!

110% Pleased

- July 17th 2015

I have had the 22,000 6 S Lipo battery for a few weeks now. I am very impressed with the quality of the battery. It is very well made, size and weight are perfect for my octocopter. I fly the DJI S1000+ AND I'm consistently getting 22 to 25 min. Flight times. Even when I push hard I still get 20+. All other batteries I have tried of equal size and weight only gave me 15 to 18 min. I definitely recommend this product. 5 stars all the way.

Perfect for my DJI S1000+

- May 15th 2015

I get just over 20min of flight with this battery. Great battery!

Eduardo A.T.

- March 11th 2015

I ordered two of these, the first one arrived damaged. I contacted support and they shipped a replacement immediately. Excellent product and exemplary customer service.


- September 26th 2014

Fits perfectly within the battery tray of my DJI S1000. Runs the full octocopter setup with my gimbal, a/v transmitter, downlink transmitter, and two receivers for an average of 20.5 minutes before tripping voltage alarm.

A great addition to my S1000 setup.

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