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Reviews for the product - LiPo 1300 11.1v AR Drone / Drone 2.0 RTR Kit

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 LiPo 1300 11.1v AR Drone / Drone 2.0 RTR Kit 
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- August 18th 2016

Great service. The best products out there. And the custome options are a huge +.

Best Batteries on the Market

- June 01st 2016

Been buying my batteries from MaxAmps for years for my RC cars. Now I'm using their batteries in my E-Cig Mods. There is no comparison between a Chinese battery and a MaxAmp battery. Definitely worth the extra coin to purchase from MaxAmps.

Excellent Customer Service

- March 27th 2016

MaxAmps is one of those companies you enjoy doing business with. They are fast, provide quality merchandise & are there to answer any questions you may have. I have purchased 6 of these lipos and all have been flawless. I will continue to buy these quality batteries not only because they're better than any others but also because I know they will help with any questions I have. Thanks MaxAmps for a quality American made product. It's worth paying more for your products, prompt shipping and customer service.

11.1 1300 mah

- November 23rd 2015

Used for my dna200 mod and this thing is great 14.4 wh and fit perfectly in my g+ box will be back in the future

lipo 1300mah with deans ultra

- August 07th 2015

perfect for my use with sailplanes and last a long time. I have tried others but yours last for multiple flights thanks

Works as advertised

- July 05th 2015

All of the cells are holding a proper 4.2 charge and the lipo came to me in perfect condition. No complaints. I've ordered a second lipo pack from Maxamps

Joe b.

- February 19th 2015

Max amps are the best batteries in the world. Perfection is a powerful statement.
thank you
lifetime customer


- February 12th 2015

Ran this battery in my mini mono and got more run time then the battery they recommend. Well worth the money and the battery still impresses me and I have used it in multiple rc's


- February 12th 2015

I use this battery for my qav 250 it's the best battery of nine name brand batteries i will be buying more


- December 30th 2014

This battery works awesome thank you thank you!


- January 11th 2013

Awesome customer service. I have managed retail for many years and all I can say is AWSOME SERVICE. They made flying my ar drone fun again, 1300 mah packs are top notch...keep up the good work.

Nick C

- December 06th 2012

These are the best batteries I have ever purchased! They perform exceptionally well in my AR Drone 2.0. I get better battery life, better response and much faster charge times. I recommend these batteries over all others on the market. They cost quite a bit more than some other batteries out there but are well worth it!

Arron-New Zealand

- October 11th 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the products I recently purchased. I picked up an AR Drone Kit - Charger, Plugs, Charging bag and and additional battery for my 2.0 Drone. Order went in late last week and I have just been told by my partner at home that they have arrived. This is on par with the fastest international shipping I've had and I am very happy, not only with the delivery time but the customer support I had the other week while ordering. As a business owner myself I congratulate you all on the top notch customer support you are providing. I will be back and my friends will know about you.


- September 27th 2012

If you have an AR Drone, and want to fly for more than 7 minutes, you need this! Get a couple more LiPo packs too. It's worth it. The only thing is that it looks a bit deceptive from the picture.You can only charge one pack at a time, but it's pretty quick.

Brent T., Richmond VA

- September 12th 2012

Just love this high quality MaxAmps battery pack! I was looking for a battery pack that would give me longer flight time with my AR Drone and faster, but safe, recharge times. So I bought 2 of these packs and the Hyperion EOS0720i charger, which gives me plenty of flight time over the original Parrot supplied packs and much much faster battery recharge times. A lot better than the 90 minutes for the Parrot supplied packs and wall charger. I am very happy with my MaxAmps packs. And like other reviewers have written, the personal help and service from the guys at MaxAmps is first rate!


- August 29th 2012

Thanks for the online support I was able to get exactly the right product. In my flying the new batteries last 13-14 min versus 8-9 for stock. I noticed once battery warning signal comes on there is very little time left. They are a little bit shorter than stock.


- July 16th 2012

battery lasts longer and it charges way faster then stock ar drone bat/charger. Most of all the customer service that these guys provide is worth every penny spent. You don't find a lot of business that support their product with such enthusiasm and knowledge. other people just take your money and don't care for support.
these guys are awesome. looking forward to my next purchase with you guys.


- July 12th 2012

I just got my two batteries and charger by UPS earlier. Your service is admirable. I order through the web all the time (amazon, NCIX, etc), and you guys just gave me the best service I have ever received. Namely: the emails telling me when payment, order processed, shipped ...the prompt overall service; the unpacking which really made me smile.

And then, because I'm a total newbie, I was not able to figure out something about the charger, so I contacted your live support, and just finished a conversation with Josh Barker. He not only solved my problem (which was all about educating me), but also gave me a few additional tips.

Your business model is awesome. You just made a fan for life.


- June 15th 2012

Just got mine in the mail and let me say that MaxAmps has done an outstanding job. Looking at the quality and consistency of the pack build it’s a no brainer that they care about producing a quality product. I ordered three of these and they are all the same in shape, size, wire length, etc. They are smaller than the original stock battery so they fit with no issues at all. Charging was no problem at all and the flight time over the stock battery is awesome. How can you not choose these over the stock 2.0 battery? For the price over the stock 2.0 battery you get great quality, higher capacity, great customer service, and a nice warranty.

Lenny Carr

- June 15th 2012

MaxAmps is the bomb. This battery gave my new Drone some life and me some fun. The stock battery lasts only half as long. I am averaging about 15 mins a charge. This is the only place I will be getting my lipos. Thanks MaxAmps!! Yes your decals will be on my vehicles.


- June 15th 2012

The flight time with this battery for me is about 15-20 min. It depends on how you are flying it.


- June 14th 2012

Just received 2 of these 1300mAh batteries. So far they're EXCELLENT! Haven't flown high yet..just let my AR Drone 2.0 hover to see how long the batteries would last. Original Battery lasted 9.5 minutes and the MaxAmps 1300 mAh batteries lasted just over 15 minutes. Charge time was about 25 minutes.

Chris Wright

- February 24th 2012

Absolutely loved the battery, it averages about 18min - 22min of charge time and if you get two,you can fly all day. Small and compact it's a perfect replacement for the factory battery that came with the AR drone.

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