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Reviews for the product - FPV Race LiHV+ 1600 4S 15.2v 150C High Voltage LiPo Battery Pack

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 FPV Race LiHV+ 1600 4S 15.2v 150C High Voltage LiPo Battery Pack 
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Truly a high performance battery.

- April 11th 2020

Costly. Yes. Do you ultimately get what you payed for...Yes. My review is of the 1600 4s 150c HV and 1350 4s 150c.
I found that the battery flight time is no different than other top tier as well as some mid tier lipos. However, these batteries could supply more cycles of serious amp draw and recover in very respectable manner. All cells behaved well- discharged evenly; have low impedance on both sides of the charge. Will not disappoint in terms of build quality and performance.
Made in USA
#Steady is smooth and smooth is fast.


- December 17th 2019

Max amp give me confidence. When people see that name, MAXAMPS,
they already know. Bam what now!!!!!
Love your product!!!!

1600 HV 4S

- October 21st 2019

2. YEAR 2 MAXAMP1600HV. 5quads
Internal resistance still
Just ordered 2 more .
Peace .quad people.

Best in the business!

- May 01st 2019

Everyone I've ever had the pleasure in dealing with at MaxAmps was an absolute joy. I feel like Norm from cheers. Always a warm welcome and anything I've ever needed you've either had or have been willing to order. I've recently begun to switch all my LiPos to your brand because of the quality, hands down.

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