iCharger 4010 DUO 10S DC Charger
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iCharger 4010 DUO 10S DC Charger

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Need flexibility in your charging?  Nothing beats the convenience of a powerful dual-port charger like the iCharger 4010 DUO.  Two independent charging channels in one compact unit lets you simultaneously work with batteries of different cell count, charging at up to 40A per channel.  Each channel supports 10S lithium batteries.  If you want to go all out, combine the two channels and charge at up to 70A on one port.

Charge your batteries safely and efficiently with this simple to use system!


  • Charge Power(Max): 2000W at >24V (1400W max. per channel)
  • Charge Current Range: 0.05-40A per channel (up to 70A in synchronous mode)
  • Input Voltage: 9 - 50V DC
  • Input Current limit: 65A
  • Discharge(Max): 130W per channel (up to 200W in synchronous mode)
  • Regenerative Discharge(Max): 1400W per channel (up to 2000W in synchronous mode)
  • External Discharge(Max): 1600W per channel (up to 3200W in synchronous mode)
  • Current Drain for Balancing: 1.2A per channel (up to 2.4A in synchronous mode)
  • Balance Accuracy: 10mV
  • LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe cell count: 1 - 10 series(1S-10S)
  • NiCd/NiMH cell count: 1 - 25 series
  • Lead-Acid Pb cell count: 2 - 18 series
  • Battery Setup Memories: 64 user presets
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Yes
  • USB Charging Port: 5V, 1A (1.2A current limiting protection)
  • PC Connectivity: Mini USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 210x140x80mm
  • Weight: 1.47kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year


Included Accessories:

1 - DC Input Cable

2 - 10S JST-XH Balance boards(note that this board requires two 5S taps on the battery)

2 - Bare charge leads

1 - USB Cable

Links to product upgrade options:

MaxAmps 12V 62.5A 750W Power Supply

MaxAmps 12V 89.6A 1100W Power Supply

MaxAmps 24V 62.5A 1500W Power Supply

Dual Output MaxAmps 24V 62.5A 1500W Power Supply

Note: This charger requires a 9-50V DC power source.  Order one from the drop-down menu on this product and save.

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