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Hyperion EOS0720iNET3 AC/DC Balance Charger
Manufacturer Hyperion

Hyperion EOS0720iNET3 AC/DC Balance Charger

List Price: $169.99
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Up to 20A high-speed charging on an AC outlet.

  • Versatile all-in-one charger that is easy to use.
  • Charge 1-7 LiPo/LiHV, 1-7 LiFePO4/A123, 1-16 NIMH-NICD, 1-12 Lead Acid cells
  • Up to 20 amp charge rate
  • 100-240V AC (90W max charge)
  • 10.5-15V DC (150W max charge)
  • Capable of quick 5C charge rate
  • Comes with built-in Dataport and supplied USB cable
  • Comes with Integrated LBA Balancer
  • Includes Hyperion and Align/JST-XH 2S-7S Multi-Adapter
  • 1-year guarantee

This charger is incredibly versatile and has 6 available modes!

  • Charge only mode
  • Balance Charge mode
  • Balance only mode
  • Cycle mode (Lipo and LiFePO4)
  • Discharge mode(50W w/ 5A max current)
  • Lipo & LiFePO4/A123 Storage mode(Allows fast and simple discharge to 60% capacity for proper storage voltage which equals longer battery life)

This charger is carefully designed with many built-in safety features such as reverse polarity protection, input voltage error warning, and cell count mismatch warnings for lithium chemistry batteries.

Of course, the AC/DC part means that you can charge directly from an AC wall supply or from a 12V DC battery/power supply.

Convenient DC Cord Storage on charger bottom

Terminal Capacity Selection (TCS)

Temperature Sensor Port

20 User-definable Memory Positions

Click here to watch video instructions and walk-throughs using this charger.

Click here to download the Hyperion EOS0720iNET3 Manual in PDF format 

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- June 04th 2016

Charger works great and Maxamps has a YouTube video for every situation. Maxamps is the way to go

Brent H

- March 05th 2015

Purchased with my MaxAmps Lipo 6500 mah 2 cell 7.5v battery. Watched the maxamps video on how to set up charger and was up and running 45 minutes later. Easy to follow video they have to learn how to program the charger. Came with my deans plug sodered an...

Danny Goldbach

- September 17th 2014

I purchased this charger from the max amps factory and have had zero problems with it, the guys even soldered the proper traxxas connectors up and included them along with the proper balance port board while I waited. It is the first real charger I have e...


- August 28th 2014

I've had this charger for about 1 month, and is the first lipo charger i've owned. It's fast and I've used both the AC-wall outlet, and DC on my Truck with no issues. Batteries stay cool when charging at 1C-2C no mater the MAH rating! havn't tried highe...

Kool Arrow, Laredo Tx

- March 20th 2013

This charger along with 12v dc power supply make it an absolute work horse. You have to invest time to learn all the features and to set up. I have been using it for 6 months and highly recommend it.

Andy, Olean, NY

- January 23rd 2013

I bought my first LiPo pack and charger from, I emailed them with questions about pack ratings and charger setup and within an hour I had a response. Along with a few replies I was up and running. Will be back for more packs and will recommend...

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