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Reviews for the product - Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 6500 4S 14.8v Dual Core Battery Pack

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 Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 6500 4S 14.8v Dual Core Battery Pack 
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Very quick

- February 18th 2016

Have not had a chance to use these batteries because of winter weather and am once a month charging and discharging for storage. Ordering was easy and helpful. The delivery service was first class and very quick. Very much appreciated. Hope to purchase XMAXX XL 9000 3s packs in near future.

Excellent batteries

- December 05th 2015

excellent batteries 100% recommended

Best lipo around

- November 27th 2015

After buying other brand name lipo packs I've finally found the best one. I own a 6500 3s and a 6500 4s both dual core. The constant power and drive time are unsurpassed. Soon to buy a 5s for the boat! Thanks max amps!

Best Battery Best Customer service!

- November 16th 2015

I used this battery at the local track while i was stationed in South Korea and it literally blew their minds. they could not believe the power and speed my buggy had over theirs. after about a few months of usage, i had a cell go bad. i contacted maxamps about their lifetime guarantee and they pulled through with minimal questions! they sent me out a whole new battery ASAP and ive been using it ever since! i use maxamps for all my battery needs

4s 14.8v 6500mah battery

- October 15th 2015

I purchased the MaxAmps 4s 14.8v 6500mah to run in a 1/8 scale electric dirt oval late model. At my local track we run 6 minute heats and 8 mains during trophy races and my battery performs flawlessly. I did have one problem with my battery and had to send it back in and the crew at MaxAmps diagnosed the problem and sent me a new battery under warranty. The turn around was quick. From the time I shipped it until it was returned was only about 8 days total. Also, the communication with the crew at MaxAmps during the whole warranty process couldn't have been better. Thanks MaxAmps for the race winning power I needed to win.


- October 09th 2015

I was given this pack by a friend on my birthday. It's a fantastic pack! I just can't see how they get 150C rating. Why not rate the batteries in meters per second or newtons. 150C is 975 amps. We need a better way to rate and market batteries than the "C" rating...

Oh, can I say that I LOVE the battery.

Awesome Battery!

- September 21st 2015

Better than expected and I expected a lot! Awesome power and amazing run times. I highly suggest this battery for 1/8th buggies and truggies.

Thank you!

- August 27th 2015

You guys have been extremely helpful every time I've contacted you and I appreciate all your help each and every time. I've also used all your stickers you have supplied me in a lot of my cars because so far the 6500mah 150c 14.8v lipo I purchased from you has been probably the best battery I've ever owned!

Just ordered a 8000mah 4s cant wait to get it!!!

- August 27th 2015

Hi, I don’t often write reviews but in the case of these Maxamps LJPO’s I wanted to take the time to write a review for them. I have been using them for a while now. I only have 2 so far, both 6500mah capacity, one a 4S the other a 6S.
It took me a long time to try them because of the price, however, in the long run actually they end up much cheaper than the inexpensive Chinese LIPO’s I have used in the past. I say this because of the number of the inexpensive LIPO’s I have bought, just to throw away after only a short time.
Another point worth mentioning is the size, now I haven’t done the math comparing cubic inches or anything else but holding up a 6500mah 150C Maxamps to other 5000mah 30C the larger capacity Maxamps LIPO looks smaller.
Power, I have been using duel core Maxamps LIPOs and I can tell you 100% for sure they have more power than other LIPOs I have used. After flying with the Maxamps batteries then going to a Chinese lipo the copter feels sluggish, feels like something is wring with the copter, black and white, day and night difference in power.
Customer service, before I bought the Maxamps LIPOs I had some questions so I emailed them. I ended up exchanging quite a few emails and in that time I learned more “good” info about LIPOs than I had known before from other sources. Because of their lifetime warranty I feel I can trust the advice I received from Maxamps. (there not going to give advice that would hurt a lipo they would have to replace)
I can say with confidence that I will never buy the initially less inexpensive LIPOs again..
Lifetime warranty, Fair price (in the long run), super customer service, and by far the best batteries I have used make Maxamps my choice from now on!!!


- August 14th 2015

I ordered this battery from maxamps not for anything specific but just to gain more personal knowledge and find out first hand if "150c" means anything.
One word can describe my rc cars, my driving, the battery power, the durability and what you can expect if you purchase one.
This battery is HUGE, BUT if you are running it in a 1/8 buggy or a short course truck trust me, it's a god send.
Nobody in my rc crew, my forum, or my local hobby shop has EVER seen a short course truck do wheel stands as a 4x4 until I smashed a maxamps up its arse lol.
I have run this battery in my losi site 4x4 which has a castle 70a 6s capable esc and a losi branded 2150kv 4pole motor around about 5 times.
I get 30-40 minutes run time with it, pretty much flat tack the entire time.
I've had the battery thrown clean out the car 4 times and not a single problem getting full charge or balance.
A 4s lipo is what, 14.8V right?
My maxamps charges up to 16.9volts, and I have recorded speeds of 119kphr ON GRASS!
I've never had so much fun getting revenge on an old bully from high school who now works landscaping for my local council. 40 minutes of fun and a laugh for me has given ol' Nelson Muntz a 1 month repair job hahahahah!
If you DONT have a maxamps yet? Your just a pretender



- August 04th 2015

These batteries are OUTSTANDING. Nothing even comes close to the power felt behind the trigger with one of these babies powering your weapon of choice.
I bought one of these to run in my losi scte 1/10, and it seriously has initial punch like its a 6s!
Tore up the grass so hard at the local playground has the council workers scratching their heads wondering "what did I just see"
I urge EVERYBODY put anything traxxas, thunder power, nvision, reaction or any other brand names aside that CLAIM to be powerful and high quality, nothing comes anywhere near this maxamps 4s!

Best battery ever

- July 08th 2015

The dual core 6500 mah 150c Lipo is worth every penny I would recommend it to anyone especially 1/8th scale racers 100% satisfied

Simply the best

- May 25th 2015

These batteries are the absolute BEST out there! These gave me the added power I need to complete the longer mains and blast past the competition. Thanks for a stellar product!!

Thank you MaxAmps

- May 01st 2015

I would like to take this time and say thank you for your great products. I run the 7.2 volt 150c 8000mah dual core pack in the short course based late model #11B and I run 14.8 volt 150c 6500mah dual core in the 1/8 scale electric super late model #11 and I have never had any other batteries perform as well as my maxamps batteries. Running dirt oval really takes a toll on batteries and my maxamps batteries have given me more juice late in the race when other batteries were loosing power. I would highly recommend maxamps to anyone. Thanks again for the great products.

Maxamps is doing it right!!!!

- May 01st 2015

Best 4s I've ever ran!! Ton of power, long lasting. The power it's pushing is crazy!! Perfect balance ever time, love the hardcase keeps the battery protected while. It's a awesome battery to run in a race or even just to bash with!! Keep up the great work Maxamps!!

Great product

- April 28th 2015

Excellent quality. Fits my RC8.2e perfectly. These batteries are a little more expensive than other brands but you definitely get what you pay for. If you don't mind paying a little more for a high quality battery that will not disappoint, then MaxAmps is a no brainer.


- March 12th 2015

Best battery by far. Gobs of power. I use it in my rc8.2e and my arrma kraton. Great run times and great customer service.


- March 06th 2015

Bought this pack and its amazing, got them to put the TRX connectors on w/ default balancing JST connector and upon receiving it, it was well built. The 6500MAh pack has lasted more than 45 mins while I used it in the park doing soft and hard runs off road and on. I recommend this pack to anyone who wants a battery that packs a punch.


- February 12th 2015

Very impressive battery! Received in a big box with lots of polystyrene packing chips and inside was the battery carton, very good packing..

I always order batteries online from other brands,but this one is absolutely deferent, it is a master-peace in quality, performance, manufacturing and packing ..... PERFECT!


- December 31st 2014

Awesome battery bought two for my losi 5ive t brushless conversion. Best quality out there.

James P.

- October 01st 2014

Awesome batteries, Awesome customer service. Highly recommend Max Amps batteries!!

Mike R

- March 15th 2014

The battery is very impressive. I have tried many different batteries and they all have failed somehow. All of the ones I get from maxamps impress me. What really makes me smile about maxamps is the customer service. I didn't think customer service still existed. So a big thank you.

Rick A ~ Tampa Florida

- December 31st 2013

I have 7 of these 14.8 batteries ~ Most awesome lipos on earth ! I have a total of 14 Maxamps batteries and will never use any other ! Customer service is awesome !

Tom Duncan

- September 12th 2013

I am vary pleased with all of my battery's I have gotten 5 of them so far. I tell all of my friends and they see the difference at the track . The ones I have gotten from my hobby shop I WILL be replacing. thank you for the quality and attention to detail. I am a customer for life thank you.


- April 04th 2013

Best battery in the world. I love it.


- October 19th 2012



- April 09th 2012

forget the rest buy the best max maps. bought the 6500 6s and
man my car is crazy fast great buy thanks.

Larry D

- January 19th 2012

excellent... this is why i have "thrown away" all of my other batteries, and am upgrading to all maxamps... you guys/gals do a top notch job, and i really appreciate it.

Steve M

- January 19th 2012

You have the best products and you back it all up with great people and support.

Andy S.

- August 24th 2011

This pack absolutely rips. I cant believe how much power this puts out. The run time is great too. I can get about 17-19 minutes in my Truggy.

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