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 Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 6500 2S 7.4v Dual Core Battery Pack 
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- November 05th 2015

I have used other batteries I wont use any thing else in my pulling trucks and tractors Cecil at central ky rc pullers


- November 02nd 2015

I have some issues with my battery packs, Maxxamps resolve in take care my problem with the warranty, now Im happy customer with my new 6500 2s 7.4v, thanks maxxamps.......

Race pak

- September 22nd 2015

I LOVE my maxamps pac. Would recommend to any serious racer.

race edition 2s

- September 18th 2015

I've tried a lot of batteries and nothing comes anywhere close to maxamps! They are hands down the best batteries made. The 2s runs like a 3s. Loads of power through out entire pack. Very consistent packs. I will definitely replace every battery I own with a maxamps battery. Worth every penny! Their customer service is second to none! They even sent me a hand written thank you card for my purchases! Top notch company through out! Thanks maxamps!

Far superior Battery

- September 08th 2015

This is the best batteries around by far
to me they have more punch than other batteries.My motor and speed control also runs cooler with the same gearing. I am sold on these batteries you get what you pay for just sayin lol

Simply The Best!

- August 25th 2015

Max Amps are the best batteries on the market.
I keep more power through the end of the race, even when the others start to fade.
Add to that the Top Notch customer service and NO questions asked warranty!!!
You can't go wrong with MAX AMPS!!!

best lipo

- August 25th 2015

Amazing batterie long run time and best part is they put whatever plug you need on the batterie when you order

Thank you!

- August 14th 2015

Fastest lap time I've ever had

no compare

- August 11th 2015

high discharge
high quality
no compare with others lipo.

Alta descarga
Alta qualidade
Sem comparação com outras Lipos

Excellent Packs

- July 27th 2015

Been using these for the past couple of months in my Tekno SCT410. Tried other batteries and they served their purpose. The first time I strapped in the MaxAmps RE pack, my entire off road racing experience changed. Quicker acceleration, more punch on tap...constant "power" throughout the discharge cycle.

If you are on the fence about purchasing one, you owe it to yourself to try them at least once. I guaranty once you use a MaxAmps Race Edition, you won't be able to go back to anything else.

Thanks MaxAmps!!!

Best battery by far.

- July 20th 2015

Tried others. They don't stack up in performance and durability to Max Amp. Decided to pay more and get quality. Love em.

Stand behind their product!

- July 15th 2015

I had a Lipo battery puff after 8 months use for no known reason. I called tech support and was immediately assured that I was under warranty and a replacement was at my door in 1 week. Thank you Max Amps!! Truly a Company that stands behind what it makes. The batteries are superbly made. Very high quality case and leads.

not bad see how it lasts

- July 15th 2015

i loved the looks of the battery and seems to work well they have the wires coming out of the top corner doesn't fit real well into my team associate SC10 and it was listed as made for my truck

the way i like too put it in is with the wires forward too provide a little more over the front

it does fit in there fine when turned around having the wires out the back

contacted them was replied too in less then 24 hours and they were very apologetic and willing too help and they agreed to redo it at no cost if i pay to ship it too them

i dont want too spend the money for that so i guess ill see how it lasts and if i have a warranty issue we will see if they honor the life time warranty or not

Great battery so far

- June 14th 2015

Cells arrived perfectly balanced and charge faster than any other batteries I own. Voltage recovers noticeably quicker. Only had it two weeks but it's performed flawlessly through 4 races pulling double duty in one of them. Kudos on a great product!

Best on the market!

- June 11th 2015

This is the second MaxAmps battery I've owned. I've tried many different types of batteries. These are by far the best! Thank you all at MaxAmps for your great work! My son and I have tried multiple times to get on your team. That's how much I love them!

TQ in our Club Race

- April 30th 2015

Best batteries ever had.

Great product.

- April 28th 2015

The customer service getting and receiving the batteries was great. The batteries them self had enough power to help shave valuable seconds off my lap times and enough juice to last the longer mains that my track.


- April 09th 2015

like these battery's great power i keep breaking both ofmy trucks with these battery's

Joe Nguyen

- April 02nd 2015

These batteries are so powerful they have caused unexpected wheelies that my
other batteries never do! Adjust radio accordingly :)


- March 26th 2015

Those new batteries sure made my summit fly! Still using some of my 5 year old batteries they are still providing the out put. They give me that extra punch when I race against the competitors ! My car is named MAXIUM AMPERAGE, running ON 2 ( 11.1 V.) max amps. 4x4. Worth the extra $ best buy, 4 output & long lasting! You get what u pay for & max amps have never let me down! Plus their service & advice is the BEST! l.a.p.

Jeseh Rivera

- March 19th 2015

These batteries are just awesome!!! Great run time and PLENTY of power!!! Buy with confidence!!!! Great job MaxAmps!!!!


- March 12th 2015

This battery is amazing! The run times, and the power it makes is unreal. Will be ordering another battery for sure!

Mike Chiudioni

- February 20th 2015

We run
10 minute mains and these batteries never skip a beat! Consistent and powerful all the way through the main! Thanks Evan for all the help! Completely satisfied!

- October 13th 2014

"Simply the best"! I have 2 5250 that I've used for 4 years and 2 6500 I've run for 3 years and they run just like new!


- September 25th 2014

I recently purchased two of these Dual Core packs and love them! You can definitely tell they do not loose their punch throughout a race like other packs do. I will be buying more of these in the future for sure!

Jeff Ellinger

- August 07th 2014

I had thought about buying a Maxamps for a couple years, but instead kept buying cheaper batteries and throwing them away after a season of racing due to puffing and cracked cases. After reading about the warranty of Maxamps batteries I finally gave in and tried one after some of my others were losing power and causing me not to clear various jumps. I ordered one and got it quick, it came with a decal sheet, nice box, and padded very well for shipment. I put it on the charger that Friday and got it ready for a race that Saturday. To say I am impressed with this battery, the warranty, and the customer service would be a understatement. I have let a couple other guys try the battery in there trucks, and now they are all ordering Maxamps as well. Clearing doubles, speeding down the straights, and making 6 minute mains is a non issue. The biggest improvement I saw was in POWER, not a little, A LOT. If you've thought about buying one of these but couldn't swallow the it, they are worth every penny.

Shawn Foley

- June 30th 2014

I recently purchased two of these battery packs along with the a new charger and power supply. I am new to the sport and did NOT realize how much difference a battery could make. All I can say is WOW! The power is amazing and truly makes a huge difference. Also the quality of craftsmanship along with the customer service is second to none. Great job Maxamps and thank you

DK New York

- April 17th 2014

This will make the third pack I purchased from MaxAmps, and again I was impressed. I ordered on a Sunday, and received on Friday. The battery works great, and the charger is easy to use, once you read the manual from cover to cover, twice. Thanks MaxAmps, from a very loyal customer.

George O

- January 30th 2014

Everything everyone else says is absolutely true! These batteries are amazing, and come from a great group of people...I even got a hand-written thank you from them. Now, when people ask, "what do you have in that thing?" I just say, "a MaxAmps battery!" Lap after lap of consistent, sufficient power, every time.

Dave b

- October 03rd 2013

Unbelievable speed and power!! You really notice the difference. These are by far the best batteries I have used in both buggy and sct.

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