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 Hard Case LiPo 9000XL 2S 7.4v Savage Flux Pair 
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Very happy with your products

- August 20th 2020

Order was received promptly, very happy with your products and your customer service.
Thank you.

I love your company and the customer service

- August 20th 2020

I love your company and the customer service rep that helped me 2x on the chat to order my batteries. Best customer service ever honestly. Thank you. You have a loyal customer for life.

I'm really happy with the new batteries!

- August 20th 2020

I'm really happy with the new batteries! Thanks for making the best batteries out there! Very well made, worth the wait.


- July 28th 2020

I Love my MaxAmps Lipos for my Summit.
Best Lipos i have and will order again soon.
I tell everyone about them and they can't believe how fast and how long the summit runs.
Thank you!

The Perfect batteries for my Savage XL

- December 26th 2017

These batteries and this company are simply the best, will never buy any other battery, I have thousands of dollars in rc’s between me an my son, therefore only use the best batteries.

2 for my Traxxas Summit 1/10

- November 02nd 2016

I purchased 2 for my Traxxas Summit. Awesome power, and they last way longer than any lipos previously purchased. Great batteries for a lifetime!

Savage Flux packs

- June 16th 2016

These batteries are AWESOME!!! Great torque and punch, awesome run times with lots of power! Not to mention GREAT customer service! Matt is The Dude!
Thanks guys for making my hobby so much more fun! Max Amps batteries, the best in the business!!!


- June 15th 2016

I'm very new to the RC world, but when I asked which batteries to get for my axial yeti XL the answer was hands down the max amps. I have used them several times and have always gotten close to an hour of run time no matter how hard I bash! I would recommend them to anyone.

Hard Case lipo. 9000 2S 7.4V savage flux

- March 24th 2016

this battery is the power output through my savage.anyhow better change the clutch first because this battery got yummy juice!thumbs up!

Just the best on the market.

- February 21st 2016

Simply put, best batteries on the market. The price point is on par for the value. I won't buy any other battery from here on out, I have never had an issue with any of my three sets of batteries so I can't speak about customer service or the warranty, but I would guess it's as good or better than the product.

Best batteries.

- September 30th 2015

Not one complaint. They are great

3 year review

- September 07th 2015

I'm still in love with these batteries after years of my use of them. They just out perform any other brand on the market. The cost is high, but at a 100C they are powerful.


- August 18th 2015

You simply cant go wrong with these batteries, they last forever, charge perfect, been using then for a month now an Im very pleased, I've bought other batteries before, but I would have to buy 4 of them to even come close to these 2, Max Amp only battery I will ever buy. I can do backflips from a dead stop with ease, no more 3 cells for me, these are perfect.... 100c burst with well over an hour run time, Im usually done with the truck b4 the batteries die.

Second Max Amps Battery

- July 12th 2015

This is the second battery I've bought from Max Amps. Very pleased. Longest running time and fastest charge I've ever seen. I can't wait to try the 6s next!

traxxas e-revo

- May 27th 2015

Hi just to let you know thee's battery s are great I bought the 7.4 battery's & charger 2 mounths ago the service was great got the in a week to Australia and they run great.


- May 23rd 2015

Hands down this pack is the best pack I own. I get 50 min run time in my Slash 2wd and it packs a punch like no other brand. A friend of mine tried it in his Slash 2wd and he said this pack by far is better than any pack he has tried. The consistency and amount of power is awesome!!!

- March 12th 2015

These batteries are long lasting ,power they are everything you want and need in batteries. there's no other batteries , I'm going to buy again

Colton Jones

- February 12th 2015

I will no longer purchase batteries that are not from MaxAmps. You guys do it right.


- February 15th 2012

I don't have THESE, but I do own the first 2 cell 9000's sold by MaxAmps. I was getting over a hours worth of run time, so a 54 minute average must have been somewhat continuous.


- February 15th 2012

Love the web site. I like the fact you don't have to hunt for the price. I like to know how much I'm looking at before I read too far in. The fact these batteries are water proof is awesome!


- February 15th 2012

Once again, MaxAmps raises the bar with another indescribable combo!!! I bought the revo combo several months ago and my dad just got this one. I have an actual 1/8 scale track on my property and with this combo my dad had an easy 2hrs of run time before needing to charge. Given that included some time with the slash cooling off. But what more could you ask for?!? Insane power thats perfect for a track and able to run almost a full day on just one battery!! MaxAmps is a great company with even better people running it. Any question you could ever have you simply call and talk to an actual person that helps you with whatever you need. Ive said this before but MaxAmps will be the ONLY COMPANY i will ever buy batteries from. Sorry for leaving such a long review but not enough can be said about MaxAmps' people and the insane batteries they make. Thanks again MaxAmps!!!!!!

Juan Carlos

- February 15th 2012

These batteries are da bomb!!!! Yes they are pretty pricey, but the run time is incredible, I run them in my e revo at the track super hard and still manage to get about an hour of run time, that my friends is priceless for an RC fanatic like me,,THANKS MAX AMPS for a great product.


- February 15th 2012

I just recently bought a pair of these batteries. My opinion HOLY CRAP. I went to my usual bash spot hills, jumps, all kinds of different terrain. Long story short i put these batteries to the test, hard bashing, ran it like i hated it. These batteries just continued to provide insane punch, set my watch when i started. Could not believe it, the batteries lasted exactly ONE HOUR AND 3 MINUTES. So to all believe the hype on MAXAMPS, super good quality, and the guys you talk to are just great people. THANKS MAXAMPS, I FOUND OUT HOW FAST I WANTED TO GO, LOL.


- February 15th 2012

Fantastic customer service. Super fast delivery. Excellent quality and packaging. Outstanding Performance! Thank you Dustin for all your help. You guys have just made yourself a very satisfied and loyal customer.

Brad Moore

- February 15th 2012

I have modified my Traxxas Summit to have two titan 775's. The power out of my 9000's are unmatched by any other battery on the market and I am very happy with the batteries and will be going back to max amp for more batteries.


- February 15th 2012

purchased artr 9000mah kit with hyperion charger,temp sensors,and 2 extra 9000mah batteries.I have a e revo with castle mamba monster esc and motor.revo is pre programmed in the middle of its parameters.out of the box with these batteries it will scream.wheelies even at 3/4 throttle and the run time is between 55 and 65 min.i turned down punch and timing,and still wheelies and really good acceleration,but now im getting about 70 min. of run time just this is bashing not racing.batteries with hyperion charge in about 40 min from full discharge(3.4v),so with 2 sets you can run all day.oh also purchased 24v a/c/ power supply and works great with charger also has nice built in fans and batteries never get over 74.5 degrees.the 40 min charge time is on regular charge not fast charge.these products are of the highest quality, and the customer service is the best i have EVER had in any get what you pay for but in this case you get even more.i will continue to only buy maxamps products and featured point in waisting time when you find the best. Brad South Carolina


- February 15th 2012

These are my first lipos ever and couldn't be any happier with them. They seem to just keep going and never loose power. It's full power for about and hour. If you have an erevo these are the batteries for it.

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