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Reviews for the product - Green Series Life 6750 2S 6.6v Battery Pack - Special Order only

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 Green Series Life 6750 2S 6.6v Battery Pack - Special Order only 
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- April 04th 2013

Very good pack, Long run times and well built. For those who are new to lifepo4 packs there is a Low voltage cutoff 2.1v per cell and draining the cells completely will diminish the capacity or kill the battery. At 2s the car won't run if reach that low of a voltage but for the 3s I recommend u set a Low voltage cutoff. I personally set my LVC to 2.8v per cell to leave some play, but the normal LVC most people use is 2.5v per cell. IF u are going to have kids run this 2s pack set the LVC to 2.8v per cell. The best part of Lifepo4 pack is that they will not explode or burn if punctured. Now what would make it better is if there was hard case version of this pack so it would be ROAR APPROVED. This is the perfect pack for bashing. Over all I'm very happy with this pack.


- June 05th 2012

I don't usually write reviews for items, but I was so pleased with this battery pack, I wanted to make the extra effort to write something.

Used in: 2 slash 4x4's with stock electronics; for backyard bashing fun with my daughter. I was a bit worried with it being only 6.6v, as we've been using 8.4v NiMh packs, but the slash had no problems trucking around through and over things. I didn't do a speed comparison, but I thought it was close enough in speed to the 8.4v packs that I couldn't tell the difference. Was very pleased!

Lasted a good 30 minutes of mostly full throttle, so I definitely can't complain. Our 5000mah NiMh packs (not from MaxAmps) would only last maybe 15-20 minutes. First recharge added 5500mah according to the charger.

Weight: heavier than a comparable LiPo, but about the same or lighter for comparable NiMh. I wouldn't use these for racing, but great for bashing in my opinion.

Heat: closer to warm than hot after 30 minutes of running; much cooler than the NiMh packs which would be scorching hot after 15 minutes.


- June 25th 2010

Another well built product. They charge fast, have great longevity and a solid pack. However, the voltage is a tad low for brushless and their a bit heavy. I tried one in my Slash 4x4. It worked good for what it was but the slight drop in voltage just wasn't enough. However, had I stepped up to a 3s it would have been to fast. There is just a minor difference in power from a LiPo but I run in my yard through grass and I needed that slight extra boost that a LiPo gives. I really liked the fact that the technology is safe, no explosions. I still have to give this a 5 star rating. It has some weak points compared to a LiPo but it does live up to it's expectations, safe, fast charge, longevity.

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