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FrSky X6R 6 Channel Sbus Receiver

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FrSky's X6R receiver features 16 channels (6 normal PWM outputs and all 16 channels on the dedicated Sbus output). Plus the exciting new Smart Port and a traditional A2 port on the bottom. Pull the jumper and connect an FBVS for basic external voltage monitoring. 

Smaller than the X8R, but still packing 16 channels and the new Smart Port that supports the new hubless digital sensors! Or, connect the new vario, and then connect the old hub to use existing analog sensors. 

  • With external analog telemetry port(AD1), When pins of A1 and X (Middle Pin) are connected by the jumper, A1 will change from External Analog Telemetry Port to Internal Built-in battery voltage sensor.
  • More number of channels: 1~6ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~16ch from SBUS port
  • With RSSI PWM output (0~3.3V) on board
  • Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission.
  • Dimension: 47x23x14mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 16.7g Antenna: 150mm Coaxial Antenna with packing
  • Number of Channels: 16CH (1~6ch from conventional channel outputs, 1~16ch from SBUS port)
  • With RSSI output on board: PWM voltage output (0~3.3V)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 4.0~10V
  • Operating Current: 100mA@5V
  • Operating Range: full range (>1.5km)
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Compatibility: FrSky DFT/DJT/DHT/DHT-U in D_mode; FrSky Taranis X9D/XJT in D8 mode; FrSky Taranis X9D/XJT in D16 mode 
  • Compatibility
  • All 16 channels requires the FrSky Taranis, or the XJT module bound in D16 mode.
  • For 8 channels in D8 Mode you can use the FrSky Taranis or XJT, DJT, DFT, DHT and DHT-U modules.
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