Tim Smith Racing Podcast “AxialFest Debrief”

  This Week, I talk all about the Greatest RC event of its kind AxialFest 2015 and my experience spending a week in the woods doing all the RC I could ever want, also why you need to go to this event. Host, Tim Smith and Matt Howson   Other segments include RC news,

Tim Smith Racing Podcast Episode 5 “Scaler”

Tonight I will cover scaler/trail rigs/crawlers and the difference between them plus talk about what you even do with one of these Axial rigs once you own one (Featured Item) CowRc MooSlick Axial Racing SCX10 Axial racing Wraith Axialfest July 17-19 RC fest Aug 8-9

Tim Smith Racing Podcast Episode 4 “Speed Run”

    Tonight I will cover something very close to me “speed run racing” I have been involved in fast RC cars for a very long time and have a bunch to talk about on this subject. I also plan to reveal all the tricks and secrets to making an RC car go over 100 mph

Tim Smith Racing Podcast Episode 3 “Sponsorship”

Tonight’s episode I want to talk in depth about sponsorship, how to get it, how to keep it, and a few tricks to get the most out of your RC experience.   MaxAmps 1050 LiFe pack (They are a great choice for a transmitter pack or even a receiver pack.)   KNK June

Tim Smith Racing Podcast Episode 2 “Rock racing”

      In this episode I will introduce you to Rock Racing, a new style of RC racing that seems to be growing faster than any other types of RC. I will go into the classes they run, the cars and how they work along with where to see this new style of racing. Cow RC

Tim Smith Racing Podcast Episode 1 “My story”

    Welcome to Episode 1 of the TSR speed shop RC podcast, in this first show I want to take you all on this crazy journey I have been so fortunate to experience. From the beginnings in RC all the way up to today and everything in between. Sit back and relax as we go

Multirotors in the rainforest.

    Jonathan Dandois, postdoctoral research fellow for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, studies the Barro Colorado Island’s rainforest canopy’s cycle of producing fruit, flowers and leaves and, for him, the dawn of multirotor technology was a game

The DJI F550 journey! Building my first Drone.

So I started out in the world of multirotors how I feel most folks would, with a 350 size quadcopter. I chose the DJI Phantom. The Phantom was ideal to start with as it was RTF. I didn’t have to assemble anything and it was very easy to setup out of the box. Right away I could

What battery can MaxAmps build for you?

When it comes to ordering a battery, having the freedom to get it built how you need it can be vital. Here at MaxAmps.com we specialize in building reliable, custom LiPo batteries for anything that is battery powered. Below are a few customers that needed custom batteries built

New 800MaH Pack For The LaTrax Alias

MaxAmps.com has packed more flight time and performance into their new 800mah 3.7v LiPo for the new LaTrax Alias quadcopter. This new pack has the highest capacity to energy density we have found and will keep your Alias in the air longer without affecting the flight capability.