March 20, 2013

Getting Techie for Tekno RC

  We recently had an opportunity to unbox and put together the new Tekno RC EB48 1/8th Scale Buggy. We were excited in anticipation for this new setup as Tekno RC has always had a great line up of upgrade parts for existing setups. We figured an RC designed entirely by Tekno

Dual Coreā€¦ lipo pack?

Dual Core has been synonymous with computer processors for years. MaxAmps is hoping to change that however with our new line of packs boasting this terminology. What is a Dual Core pack? Dual core in our case refers to how the pack is built. As a standard, a lipo cell is made of

The 100MPH Challenge

Some might think it easy to reach 100MPH when you see advertisements for vehicles that can go over 100MPH out of the box. The new Traxxas XO-1 boasts this feature and the videos online prove it has been achieved. So do these guys just pull this car out of the box, run out their