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We are passionate about becoming the worldwide leader in higher performance electric-powered RC products and accessories.

MaxAmps.com is a proven leader in the RC industry. Out of all the battery suppliers on the market, we were the first to offer LiPos for RC cars. We also build our packs here in the USA to order so that you don't get a pack that has been sitting on the shelf for months. You can order it any way you want including cells, plugs, taps, wire and configuration.

As far as safety goes, all LiPo packs are not created equal. I can assure you that since we build our packs here and we personally double check every pack before it goes out, our quality control is the best in the industry. We use very thick high-temperature kapton tape to cover every connection in the pack. This minimizes the risk of an internal short. Some manufacturers are using black electrical tape, masking tape, or no tape at all. We use a proprietary welding method to attach one cell to the next. This lowers the resistance of the connections between cells and insures the highest discharge possible. Other manufacturers are soldering the cells together or using a simple "spot weld" on each tab. This is inconsistent and can cause balance issues. It causes excess heat buildup and lowers the performance of the pack. Anyone who is telling you that their cells are "safer" does not have a good understanding of the technology. We pre-match all the cells in the pack with other cells of the exact same voltage to minimize future balance issues with the cells.

Our quality and service is hands down the best in the industry. We back it up with a lifetime warranty. There are thousands upon thousands of loyal MaxAmps.com customers out there that will not buy batteries anywhere else. Our customer service is second to none. We are always available to take phone calls and answer questions via email. We realize that our customers are our life-blood. We will do whatever it takes to make you a happy one before and after the sale.

We use our own MaxAmps.com cells in our packs. They have been race proven over the past 10+ years. They are superior in capacity/weight ratio, discharge voltage under load, and life cycles to any other cell on the market.

You can fast charge our packs at up to 5C if you use a quality balance/charging setup like the Hyperion chargers and balancers we offer on our site.

Investing in a MaxAmps.com pack will be the best battery decision you ever made. You will get better performance, more cycles, and more fun with MaxAmps.com

Best Regards,

Austin Else

CEO MaxAmps.com






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