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 24V MaxAmps Power Supply 47A 1150W 
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24 v maxamps

- November 30th 2017

This bad boy is awesome you guys want to get on the road track bashing it doesn't matter this is the one to get the 24v maxamps

Best RC Charger Power Supply On The Market

- June 14th 2017

If you want to charge 4S batteries FAST, this 24 volt charger does the job. Excellent cooling. Simple operation. This is the BEST power supply on the market, bar none. 100% satisfied!

Reliable and world-class support

- May 27th 2016

Our company provides industrial and military-grade UAVs around the world and after much consideration and research provide exclusively this Power Supply for our customers. We appreciate not only the capacity / capability, but we've had consistent results in build-quality, delivery, performance and if we've ever needed anything, the folks at MaxAmps provide phenomenal support and don't outsource it like most other providers. We can't say enough about this product or company!

Powers my 720i duo charger to perfection

- May 25th 2016

The best there is.

Very nice power suply.

- March 22nd 2016

This is a very nice power suply. It put out more than enough to charge my 6s lipo packs. I would recommend to anyone.

Hurry up and wait !

- February 24th 2016

Slow shipping it says 3-6 days but took 13 days total I would have paid more money for faster shipping if had known this!! As for the power supply it works great. I wish there was a power switch though

This PSU is awesome

- November 05th 2015

I have read that people were saying that this PSU is loud due to the fans. I can tell you this much, you would believe it was fanless when compared to my 350w hobbyking psu. I rate it the best RC power supply ever due to delivering 1000w++ in such a small and relatively light and silent package. I will use it for T-Rex500/450 and T-rex800 and also for 1:10 touring and buggy. And considering it is built using server power supplies i expect it to last forever. Just press buy and be done with it, you wont regret it.

A Must Have for 6 Cell Lipos

- July 23rd 2015

If you are going to charge high amp 6s Lipos you have to have a power supply to drive the charger. This is a quality power supply from a really professional mfg.
Recommend this power supply!!

A reply

- June 25th 2015

Yesterday I received a Thank You card from you, and I wanted to Thank You for sending it to me. I also wanted to tell you what great products they are, and how the 730i charger and dual power pack have been exactly what I wanted them to be. A friend I fly with recommended the combination to me, and I have told a number of the guys how happy I have been with the purchase. The help you gave me in setting it up the first time was fantastic too. Just a good product and customer service. Mike Nicholson, Sequim, WA.

- March 03rd 2015

Super power supply. Super Fast service even with them having to build the it. Thanks Maxamps for a great product


- February 13th 2015

Love it !!!!! Best power supply out n great customer service to boot !


- February 12th 2015

Couldn't ask for a better power supply, im running two Venom Pro chargers off of it and doesn't even phase it! Thanks again Max Amps!


- December 02nd 2014

Thank you for the prompt service, I love this power supply. where have you been for the last four years ?

Jurgen Scott

- October 28th 2013

I am using the 24 volt power supply that I also purchased from you and a EOS 720i charger that I have had for a while.
I am very pleased with my purchase!


- May 31st 2013

For everyone that wants an on/off switch, I just have mine plugged into a surge protector and use the on/off switch on the surge protector. Love these MaxAmps power supplies!


- May 16th 2013

Sofar it works great. Just really needs a on/off switch. Gets to be a pain unplugging it all the time.


- October 26th 2012

Shipped this puppy to Ecuador and it's all the envy at our local field's charging station. Rest assured we'll be bringing more of these to the equator line.


- October 25th 2012

First, great customer service. Super fast shipping.
Second, amazing product. Coupled with an Orion Twin Spec charger
on 24V mode, charged two 6500mAh batteries at 9.9A and the MaxAmps PS did not break a sweat (neither did the charger for that matter). I would definitely by from MaxAmps again... and again... and again!

Alan Jerousek

- October 16th 2012

Purchased a 24v power supply and am very happy with it. Ordered on a Monday and had it buy Wednesday. Customer service is great!! After I received my order I was shocked a week later when I received a personal thank you card in the mail thanking me for my order. I've ordered a lot of stuff online and have never been treated this good as a customer... thanks maxamps ... :-)


- October 12th 2012

Thank you MAXAMPS. Super and fast service, received my power supply in 17 days to South Africa


- October 05th 2012

I love it! I'm supplying an iCharger 306B and iCharger 208B, charging packs in parallel. With my aircraft mix I can fly continuously. My original power supply is wrapped in plastic and stored... the 24v 47 amp MaxAmps power supply handles it all.

Lance Hedrick

- September 24th 2012

I was way behind the power curve charging batterys for my boat, 12S 2P X 2. Thats 8 6s batterys. and let me tell thats some long charging times. I purchased the 24 volt Max Amps P/S and now I can charge 6 6s batterys at the same time. What a time saver, thanks Max amps.


- September 18th 2012

I read the reviews and let me tell you they are all correct. This thing is a beast!!!! I can max out my Revolectric Cellpro 8 with huge amounts of packs paralleled and it just keeps pushing the power. Would buy this over and over again. In the process of switching everyone i know that flys or drives over to this or the 12v version based on their needs.

Hooked On Amps

- August 30th 2012

This is the first AC/DC power supply I've brought and now I'm hooked. I got this to power the Hyperion 720i Super Charger which I also ordered. It powers that plus two Passport Ultras at the same time. WOW!!! This is a heavy duty power plant, built for Amp hungry chargers. I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space on my charging table. Just plug it into a heavy duty power strip with a on/off switch & let the AMPS flow. Thanks to Team

C Miller

- August 11th 2012

Best power supply there is. I can hit 2 of my packs at 20 amps each at the same time! That's sweet!


- June 29th 2012

very nice and powerful set for the TP820 T/C. Heavy duty is right! the one year warranty is great so go and charge your 6S lipos.

Steven Esposito

- June 18th 2012

This Power Supply is the best!!!!....I have the Hyperion Super Duo3 720i Charger also & this setup the Max Amps guys hooked me up with is the ULTIMATE!!....Josh...Dustin & Clint go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied! These guys are always there to help me when i need it!! You can't get any better than this!!


- May 11th 2012

Wow, what a beast. This is what I should have bought in the first place. It works great with my dual 500w charger. I can power my charger and two of my friends chargers with this at the same time. Great product.


- April 22nd 2012

This power supply is Awesome! I can charge 8000mah lipos at 7c charge rates without it breaking into a sweat. My only complaint is that it arrived in a damaged flat rate shipping container. But apart from that, it exceeds my expectations, delivering clean and reliable power use after use. Keep up the good work MaxAmps :)


- April 13th 2012

Just purchased a new 24V power supply from max amps! Shipping was fast and flawless! product works great! Great experience with Max Amps. Another nice touch was the personal hand-written note of thanks for ordering with maxamps! I definitely would order from them again! :)

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