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Reviews for the product - 12V MaxAmps Power Supply 47 amp 575W - January 2020

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 12V MaxAmps Power Supply 47 amp 575W - January 2020 
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Very nice power suply.

- March 22nd 2016

This is a very nice power supply. It put out more than enough to charge my 6s lipo packs. I would recommend to anyone.

Best product out there for a great price

- February 13th 2016

Amazing price for a great quality product. I use this on my 4 port Hitech battery charger as well as to power my Flojet pump. Works like a champ, I would highly recommend.

I do like really this power supply

- February 04th 2016

Hi I can't complain is really good and powerful I don't have any problem I'm so happy the only question I have is ? i have a defriend battery charger and is not the one do you recommend but I think it's going to be OK I have the IMAX B6 I don't know if these charger can you handle it if you don't it's OK I do something else but besides of that the power supply that I bought from you guys i'm totally happy thank you.

Non traditional use

- September 16th 2015

We found MaxAmps online when looking for high amperage power supplies to run multiple submersible pumps 24 hours a day on a water treatment project. We ran the pumps off of the power supplies 24 hours a day for 3 weeks and they preformed flawlessly.

- March 05th 2015

Super power supply. Super Fast service even with them having to build the it. Thanks Maxamps for a great product


- February 12th 2015

Thank you for the prompt service, I love this power supply. where have you been for the last four years ?


- January 16th 2015

Couldn't ask for a better power supply, im running two Venom Pro chargers off of it and doesn't even phase it! Thanks again Max Amps!


- November 04th 2014

Love it !!!!! Best power supply out n great customer service to boot !

Rick A ~ Tampa Florida ~

- January 04th 2014

Amazing power supply ! Running A Venom 25amp charger on it and its perfect ! Maxamps rocks ! I am ordering another one soon and more of your awesome batteries !


- October 28th 2013

Very nice Power supply


- March 29th 2013

Just received my 12v 47amp power supply, AWESOME! With my iCharger 4010 duo it gave me a clean 39.99 amp charge rate for my 2S LiPo pack.


- March 14th 2013

Best power supply on the market. I just ordered a second one as I just moved to Southern California from Ohio and fly in both states. I paired it with the PowerLab Cellpro 8 and I can safely charge and balance 6 3S 2200mAh batteries with the MPA board in 12 minutes flat. I recommend this power source to everyone I know. With the cellpro update coming out in 2-3 weeks and 2 more MPA boards I can knock out 24 3S 2200mAh batteries in about 30 minutes. Thanks MAX AMPS!!!! You just made flying all day so much easier. Also thanks for the fast service. I would give this charger 100 stars if possible.


- September 21st 2012

I read the reviews and let me tell you they are all correct. This thing is a beast!!!! I can max out my Revolectric Cellpro 8 with huge amounts of packs paralleled and it just keeps pushing the power. Would buy this over and over again. In the process of switching everyone i know that flys or drives over to this or the 12v version based on their needs.


- August 13th 2012

bought a power supply, how sweet it is with a hyperion 1420i. people eyeball my power supply how nice it is with a cover over it.


- July 06th 2012

Bought this power supply to run my Eos720i super duo3 and they are a super great combo!

- June 05th 2012

i bought this along with hitec x4 charger best power supply out on the market powers charger with no problems even when charging at max amps still has power left for two other chargers i have. Fan is kind of loud but not annoying at least i know things are cool. definitely worth the money.


- May 09th 2012

I just recently won this Power Supply from MaxAmps off of their Facebook page... This Supply ROCKS!!! My "Duo 610" now charges my biggest high amp lipos with no problems. Check it out...


- April 11th 2012

I use this power supply with my Hitec x2. I charge 2 5000mAh 11.1v lipos at 10a for my XO-1 and it works great!!


- January 02nd 2012

The only charger that I use is the Hyperion and this power supply was built specifically for that charger. For the money it is well worth it! i would not look any further and purchase this power supply.

bob tomsriver n.j.

- July 12th 2011

this just plain ROCKS charge 2 5800 batts at the same time at 10 amps each and powers my pitlamp does not even get warm this is just a great power supply for all your needs I rate it a 10+ THANKS

bob tomsriver n.j.

- July 12th 2011

this just plain ROCKS charge 2 5800 batts at the same time at 10 amps each and powers my pit lamp does not even get warm this is just a great power supply for all your needs I rate it a 10+ THANKS


- June 01st 2011

Have had this power supply for a few months now and it is a great buy! Use it to charge multiple batteries with a Hitec X4 and its a workhorse!


- May 18th 2011


Super Power Supply!!!!

- May 13th 2011

I was going to mod a computer power supply. But once I seen the MaxAmps Power supply, a local racer had it at our track.
Size is awesome! Plugs that it comes with are perfect for my Hyperion EOS 720i.
This charger is a beast and teamed up with this Super Power Supply. I can get all my lipos charged and ready on race day.

Great job MaxAmps! I did a write up on to show everyone how great it is with pictures.

- May 13th 2011

If there would be 10 stars I would give 10!!! Nice, after bench testing with full load, 50% load and so on, PASSED IN ANY WAY. Thank you MAXAMPS!!! Shipping - excellent fast. Look very nice and very quiet. I will change out, DC out wires to 10AWG from 12AWG but 12AWG are fine and install Amp and DC Volt meters for measuring the amount of electric power used. Price $79.99, you can't find any cheaper then MAXAMPS.

Andrew Griffith

- April 07th 2011

Looks like this is going to be my work horse. Plenty of watts to charge my 10S 5000 sets on my Hyperion Duo 3. Fast order turn as well. A++++


- April 03rd 2011

This power supply performs brilliantly.


- March 24th 2011

This is the best bang for your buck power supply!!!! I run this thing every weekend for 7 hours straight and have had no issues what so ever!! I give this 10 out of 5 stars, no joke this is total bad ass 110%!!!!!


- March 01st 2011

This power supply is sweet. Sounds like a little wind tunnel; but when your charger’s drawing serious power, that’s a welcome sound. This unit is definitely the power supply to get when you need real power.


- February 26th 2011

The supply provides ample power to charge 2 5000 mah 6s batteries at once and still fit in a small container. Love it!

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